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VEDA series dehum is useful equipment to reduce humidity at homes and offices. This room dehumidifier is available for sale in Dubai, Muscat, Doha, Jeddah, Riyadh, and Manama. It has a filter and internal tank with a hosepipe connection. Also, it is silent with a drying capacity of 16 liters per day. Thus, it is ideal for bedrooms. This product is similar to Frigidaire & crownline units.

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VEDA dehum for homes.

VEDA bedroom dehum.Veda series dehum is the best dehumidification system for homes and offices. But why we need air dehumidifiers for the living spaces? Well, if you get the correct answer, then you will buy one immediately. In short, there are several disadvantages of excess humidity on our health and infrastructure. Excess moisture makes the home damped with a bad smell. It gives a conducive climate to mites, mold, and fungus. Also, it can damage furniture, paintings, and electronics.

Thus, buying a good quality dehum is always a good option. For houses, portable air dehumidifiers are always suitable. First, it is economical and compact. And secondly, it is a silent and plug-n-play device. Thus, it is easy to install and operate. In addition, it has a handy tank to store condensed water. Hence, no need to go through the hassle of connecting a drainpipe. VEDA series unit is available in UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia markets.

VEDA series dehumidifier.

It is a small capacity dehum with an elegant look and shape. Thus, it will add aesthetics to your rooms along with removing moisture. The casing has a sparkly white color with a golden top user panel. Also, the tank and filter are accessible from the backside. This unit can set in “Eco” and “Dry” mode. Hence, it can save electricity. In the Eco mode, the system sets a humidity level of 60% RH and avoids overdrying to save power.

The Dry mode set dehum at the lowest humidity to perform at maximum power. For example, to dry the laundry, one can use this mode. The users also can choose desired humidity with the help of the “HUM” button. The front panel of the unit has a small LCD. It shows the current humidity and operation mode of this mini dehumidfier. Anion button turns the system into air purification by generating negative ions.

Features of dehum.

  • VEDA dehum has an automatic function. Hence, it saves energy by turning off itself when humidity is low.
  • It has a one-touch dry mode operation. Thus, it is ideal for drying laundry.
  • ¬†Elegant look and silent operation is its USPs. So, it is the best option for offices, labs, and hospitals.
  • This dehumidifier can set at high and low fan speed to control the noise level.
  • A programable delay time also can be used to save power.
  • The LCD at the front displays current room humidity.


  • The drying capacity of the VEDA model is 16 liter per day.
  • It is a compact dehum with the size of 38 x 23 x 60 cm.
  • The tank capacity is 5 liters with a hosepipe point. Thus, the unit can be connected to drainage directly.
  • VEDA dehumidifier can set at “Eco” & “Dry” mode. In addition, one can set its desired humidity with an adjustable humidistat.
  • Two fan speeds, high and low, are available.
  • It is very light with a weight of only 12.3 kgs.
  • Power consumption is 225 watts with the input of 220-240V, 50Hz.

Additional information

Weight 12.3 kg
Dimensions 38 × 22.9 × 59.5 cm


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