Warehouse dehumidifier

FSD floor mount warehouse dehumidifier

FSD warehouse dehumidifier also used in indoor swimming pools. This unit is a freestanding industrial dehumidifier for the warehouse. FSD specially designed for large areas. For example, its uses for warehouses, community hall, and cinema halls. Large indoor pool rooms like sports club pools are vast in size. It is challenging to install many small capacity indoor pool dehumidifiers. Hence, there is a need for high capacity units like the FSD floor mount dehumidifier.

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FSD warehouse dehumidifier for swimming pools.

The unique point of this warehouse dehumidifier is that it has high airflow volume. As a result, it can dehumidify large spaces in a short time. CtrlTech’s FSD is one of the portable industrial dehumidifiers for the warehouse. Thus, It is effortless to transport and install.

Due to its high airflow capacity, FSD also uses as a swimming pool dehumidifier. For a large size indoor pool room, this unit is the most suitable one.

Industrial dehumidifier for warehouse and basement parking.

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Industrial dehumidifier for warehouse

FSD units body made up of SPCC cold-rolled steel sheet with powder coating. Structure made up of durable steel. The unit provided with four strong wheels that are lockable. FSD floor mount dehumidifier can move from place to place with ease.

This portable dehumidifier has a powerful centrifugal fan. Hence, this dehumidifier for warehouse is energy efficient. It covers an ample space & it is easy to maintain. Besides, FSDs has quiet operation and durability. Also, It has an expansion valve that controls the flow rate of refrigerant.

This valve changes the refrigerant flow rate as per change in the working condition. In consequence, the unit achieves high efficiency and energy saving. G4 filters clean air and protecting the machine from the duct. High quality, precise, and durable sensors used. The evaporator coil has a honeycomb shape. Hence, it increases the vaporization area. On the top, more surface available to absorb more moisture.

In short, FSD is the best warehouse dehumidifier in UAE and middle east countries likes Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait etc.

Features of FSD industrial warehouse dehumidifier.

Floor mount dehumidifier FSD series by CtrlTech.

FSD series industrial warehouse dehumidifier can set to the humidity of 20 to 80% RH. If one-room humidity reduces lower than the set value, then the unit stop working. The best feature of this floor mount dehumidifier is that it has built-in memory. This memory saves all setting that the user does. Hence, in the case of the unit stop abruptly, it keeps all settings. And it restores all those settings when the system starts next time.

If the unit is working at a low temperature, then the system could judge machine temperature. Hence, the industrial or builders warehouse dehumidifier starts defrosting itself. If defrosting, then the fan and compressor stop functioning. Throughout dehumidification, the compressor begins operating. The fan and compressor may only stop after working for at least three minutes. Similarly, after ceasing, the compressor may restart after three minutes.

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Power need for dehumidifier for warehouse.

FSD floor mount dehumidifier system is energy efficient. Thus, it requires very minimal power. This unit needs 380V, 50Hz input. On top of it, the system has a phase sequence and open phase protection.

When the power is not in phase sequence as per machine, then all the buttons on the control panel get locked. Likewise, when there is an open phase, then the control panel gets locked. During this, LCD will show the “E3” as an error code. Please check the phase sequence of power or check the power and restart the machine.

Indoor pool dehumidification system control panel.

FSD warehouse dehumidifier control panel.

From the panel of FSD commercial portable dehumidifiers, we can adjust the following.

  • Power button provided on a panel with which the user can turn on or turn off the warehouse dehumidifier. To turn on unit user needs to press the power button once. As soon as you press, the unit enters in start-up mode after the buzzer buzzes twice. To turn off unit use, you need to press the power button once. And, the unit will enter into stop mode after buzzer buzzes once.
  • Plus button provided to increase the value of going to set humidity or timer value. When this button press, it increases the value of moisture by 1% and the time by one hour after once buzz.
  • The minus button fitted to decrease the value of going to set humidity or timer value. Thus, when this button press, it reduces the amount of moisture by 1% and the time by one hour after the buzz.
  • The set button provided to confirm the selection. Every time you change settings, you need to press the set button. If you do not press the set button, then the setting will not store in memory of the unit.
  • The control panel LCD of industrial dehumidifier for warehouse shows some parameters. For instance, mode of operation & room temperature. Also, it displays timer status and clock.

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Stating the FSD dehumidification system,

Please follow the steps given below to stat FSD industrial dehumidifier units.

  • If you energize the power correctly, then the industrial warehouse dehumidifier will beep for once.
  • Press the “On/Off” button for once; the LCD gets lighted. After that, once all the display is normal, the LCD shows current room humidity.
  • The setting of humidity: Please press “+” and “-” buttons to set the required humidity. When the set humidity is 3% less than the current humidity, the dehumidifier works. When the set humidity is 3% more than current humidity, then dehumidifier stops.
  • Humidity less than 30% makes the unit to enter in a mode of continuous dehumidification.
  • The setting of preset time: Press the “Time” button for the first time, the “hour” time on the display flashes. Press “+” & “-” to adjust the current hour and minute time. Press the “Time” button for the second time, then “Start-up time” on the LCD flashes.
  • Use “+” & “-” to adjust the current hour and minute time. When you press the “Time” button for the third time, then “Stop time” on the LCD will flashes. Please use “+” & “-” to adjust the current hour and time. Operate the “Time” button for the fourth time, the mode of “preset time get canceled.

Operation safety and maintenance of FSD large dehumidifiers.

FSD warehouse dehumidifier in UAE.

While using the FSD Floor mount dehumidifier, we need to take certain precautions. The user needs to make sure that the installation site is clean and covered. Most importantly, the unit should not expose to water, duct, or chemical. If you are stating the system first time, then pay attention to smell if any. In case of any burning smell, then switch off the unit from the main power supply.

This warehouse dehumidifier machine made for indoor use only. Hence, do not install it in sunlight. Try to install in colder places. Hot weather can harm this warehouse dehumidifier. While installing the unit, make sure that drainage has a proper slope. Otherwise, the internal tank of the unit will overflow, and it will damage the unit.

Regular maintenance of the unit is a must. In every maintenance, the filter should clean & gas pressure should check. Unauthorized alteration or modification not recommended. If the case of any issues, please contact the service center only.

Every time the unit should switch off properly. Do not switch off unit direct from the power supply. CtrlTech also offers home dehumidifier. CD-25L, VEDA, and frigidaire FD30E dehumidifier is some of the best-selling home units.

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FAQs About Warehouse Dehumidifier:

Why we need warehouse dehumidification?

Warehouses used to store furnished goods. High moisture inside the warehouses can spoils or damage held material permanently. For example, mold and fungus can grow on packed food, grains, dry fruits if humidity is high in a storeroom. Or it might cause damage to metal equipment and electronics installed in the factory. Thus, it is crucial to use a warehouse dehumidifier to reduce humidity.

Which the best warehouse dehumidifier?

Warehouses are vast in size. For drying such a large space, we need a large capacity dehumidifier with high processing air. Hence, floor mount or ducted type systems are ideal for the warehouses. For saving space and avoid obstacles, a ceiling mount ducted dehumidifier is the most preferred choice.

What to consider to buy an industrial dehumidifier for the warehouse?

The warehouse dehumidifier needs to serve a large volume. And it works continuously to control humidity. Thus, we need to make sure that units should have high airflow. At the same time, it should have an auto defrost feature to remove ice on the coils. It should be robust and should have the facility to set the required humidity. A condensate pump will help to push drain water quickly and avoid blockages. 

How is humidity controlled in a warehouse?

Few preventive steps can help to keep low humidity inside the warehouse.

  1. Warehouses have big doors. When it opens, outside humidity enters inside. Thus, install air curtains at the door and keep them open for a short duration. Also, if possible, install a double door system.
  2. Close all the small openings in the wall and roof to avoid outside air leakage into the warehouse.
  3. Keep AC at the high-temperature setting.
  4. If AC is taking fresh air, then stop or reduce it.
  5. Use a dehumidifier.

How to do warehouse dehumidifier sizing?

For capacity selection, please consider the following factors.

  1. The volume of the warehouse.
  2. Required humidity.
  3. Indoor room temperature.
  4. Size of the door. Also, consider the frequency of opening and the maximum duration for which it is kept open.
  5. Type of material stored inside the warehouse. If wet material is stored, then we need to consider evaporation from it.
  6. Type of construction to consider air leakages.