Cold room dehumidifier

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Cold room dehumidifier has unique features to work at low temperatures. Thus, it is an ideal machine for waling freezer drying. Also, stainless steel casing makes it sturdy. This cold storage dehumidifier has a high-performance ECO DRY silica gel desiccant rotor. Thus, perfect for instant drying. It has a capacity of 36 kg/day. It uses the absorption principle for reducing humidity.


Why cold room dehumidifier?

Dehumidifier for cold storage rooms.To understand why a cold room dehumidifier is needed, we need to understand the functioning of the cold storage. Chilled warehouses are the basic need to stock food, medicine, & chemicals. These freezers maintain coldness from -10 to 10 deg celsius. When humid air from the outside enters it, moisture in the air gets condensed. And can spoil medicine and food items. Thus, packing and pharma industries often use it. 

The best dehumidifier for the cold room should have a unique feature. And that is to perform dehumidification at such a low temperature. When the condensation system operates in a cold climate, the ice gets formed on its coil. Due to this, a refrigerant system might not work in cold storage. Hence, most of the cold room dehumidifiers are desiccant-based. The absorption system has a rotating silica gel wheel. When humid air possed over this wheel, it sucks humidity and generates dry air. It is so because silica has a natural tendency to absorbs moisture.

ASE 400 dehumidifier for cold storage room.

The unique feature of this cold room dehumidifier is, it can work -10 to +35 deg Celcius. It is sturdy, light, stackable with a lifting handle. Thus, multiple units can work together without occupying space. Its process air is 480 cubic meters per hour. Hence, it can cover up to 450 cubic meters of space. The stainless steel and powder-coated steel sheet casing make it durable and rust-free. This cold storage dehumidifier is silent with the energy-saving radial fan.

The bottom of this dehumidifier for the cold storage room has rubber feet. The system has integrated hygrostat. However, it has the facility to connect remote hygrostat also. We can select humidity levels between 20 to 80% RH. An operation hour counter a kWh meter on the units provides working hours and power consumption. For instant drying, this is the best cold room dehumidification system.

The heart of this unit is the ECO DRY silica gel rotor. Thus, it can absorb more moisture. Also, the PTC element used for heating is dynamic, automated, and safe.

Cold room dehumidifier specifications.

  • The capacity of this unit is 36 kg/day at 20 degrees Celcius and 60% RH. Thus, it is perfect for covering space up to 450 cubic meters.
  • Dry and regenerative air volume is 480 and 185 CMH, respectively.
  • The nominal power consumption is 2.2 KW. Hence, it is an energy-efficient unit.
  • The operative temperature is -10 to 35 degrees Celcius.
  • Dimensions of this cold room dehumidifier are 39.5 x 56 x 51 cm, and weight is 25 kgs.


  • It can work in low temperatures. Hence, it is suitable for dying walking freezer & cold storages.
  • ¬†This cold room dehumidifier is very efficient. Thus, it is ideal for concrete drying at construction sites.
  • It is lightweight and portable. So, it is easy to install at flood damage sites and waterworks.
  • The noise of the unit reduces via an integrated silencer. As a result, it is a good choice for the library, archive rooms, & cellars.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 51 × 39.5 × 56 cm


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