Portable dehumidifiers

CDM-50L portable dehumidifier Dubai, UAE.

CtrlTech offers CDM-50L is a portable dehumidifier with the smallest capacity of 50L per day. These portable dehumidifier in UAE have a robust steel metal body. Hence, it is very durable. Large wheels, push handle, and lightweight make it the best portable dehumidifier.

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CDM-50L Portable dehumidifier Features.

The LCD is the USP of this model. The intake of humid air is from the front side, and dry air discharge is from the right-side panel. As a result, one can place a portable dehumidifier touching to the wall. This particular model has a built-in condensate tank. Besides, there is a facility to connect the hose pipe. The unit has 5.5 liters capacity tanks that can access from the front bottom side.

The backside panel grooved for creating a window for heat dissipation. The unit can easily transport from one place to another. CDM-50L is the best commercial portable dehumidifier for small industrial spaces. For example, spaces like container, water pump room, laundry rooms, and telecom shelters. CDM series portable industrial dehumidifier has two capacities, which are CDM-50L and CDM-90L. CDM-50L is the best selling industrial dehumidifier in Dubai.

CtrlTech also offers CD-25L & FD30E model for home and offices.

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Best portable dehumidifier product description.

USP of CDM-50L portable dehumidifier Dubai.

This dehumidification system has an LCD control panel. It is very user friendly. From this control panel, the user can set the required humidity level.

  • The best portable home dehumidifier fitted with a rotary compressor. Thus, the unit is energy efficient.
  • The unit has a large container. Hence, it can use at a furnished site where drainage not available.
  • Automatic on/off timer used for a specific time. In consequence, it saves a lot of power.

Control Panel of CDM-50L portable dehumidifier.

  1. The “Power ON/OFF” key used to switch on and off the system. The unit gives a beep when connected to power. Users can switch on or off the machine by pressing this button once.
  2. “Automatic ON/OFF timer” Key use to set a delay timer for automatic switch on or switch off the unit. Like to clarify that the delay timer can set in hours intervals. This feature is standard in all products of CtrlTech portable desiccant dehumidifier.

To adjust the time setting of the unit, then press this button once. Start delay timer can set only if when it connected to power but switched off condition. If you want to set a start timer, then press this key two times. After that, by “+Increase” or “-decrease” key set required delay hours. Similarly, to set shut down timer, press this key three times, and set delay hours.

Increase and decrease button.

“-Decrease” key used to decrease the value of humidity while setting humidity. Also, it used to increase or decrease the number of hours while setting off delay timer hours. CDM portable dehumidifier for home has this feature. That is to say, the timer used for an automatic stop or start unit after a specified delay. Every time you press this key will decrease the value of humidity by 1%RH and the value of timer by 1 hour.

CtrlTech portable dehumidifier Dubai.

In the same vein, “+Increase” Key is to increase the value of humidity or number of hours. Please note, every time you press this key will increase the value of moisture by 1% RH and timer by 1 hour.

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Best portable dehumidifier commissioning.

  1. Energize the power, and the portable dehumidifier will beep for once.
  2. Press the “Power” button for once; the LCD is light. After all the displays are normal, the LCD shows current environment humidity.
  3. To set humidity, press “+” and “-” buttons to reach the required value. When existing moisture 3% more than a set value, then the unit starts working itself. And, when current humidity 3% less than a set value, then it stops working.
  4. If humidity set less than 30%, then the unit enters into successive dehumidification mode.

How to set preset time?

To set the preset timer, you need to use the “Time” button. First, press the “Time” button and then the “hour” time on the control panel flashes. After that, press “+” and “-” to adjust the working hour.

The working hours counter is vital to calculate energy consumption. Also, it uses to understand the entire life of the best portable dehumidifier. To shut down the machine, press the “Power” button once. The dehumidifier will stop work, and all the instruction lights off.

Imp notes for the mini portable dehumidifier.

Portable dehumidifier CDM-50L by CtrlTech.

If the set humidity is higher than the actual humidity, then the dehumidifier stops. During dehumidification, after the compressor starts working. And, the fan and compressor can stop after working for at least 3 minutes. Also, the compressor can only be re-started after that 3 minutes.

If the machine is working in the cold, then it will sense the system temperature itself. Therefore, it will start the defrost mode automatically. During this, defrost LED will glow up. Under defrosting mode, the fan works, and the compressor stops working. Users can set humidity in a range of 20% to 90%.

Memory and Sensors.

The CDM-50L portable dehumidifier system has an auto memory. Hence, if there is a sudden power cut while operation, then the system stores the current status in memory. And when the unit starts next time, all previous settings get applied.

CDM-50L has an auto-detection of temperature and humidity. The sensor continuously checks temperature and humidity values. If the temperature exceeds, then the system enters into temperature sensor failure mode. Under this mode, LCD shows an “E1” sign. E1 is an error code for temperature failure. And, the system works in dehumidification for 30 min and defrosting for 15 min.

In a similar way, humidity sensors also react. Again, the system will show the “E2” error code when humidity exceeds a threshold value. And system enters into continuous dehumidification mode.

After temperature/humidity sensor failure eliminated, the system works in normal mode. With these protections make the CDM-50L best model of CtrlTech portable dehumidifier Dubai.

Water tank full State.

When the system detects full water in the tank, then no matter machine is on or off, it will enter the “Tank full” mode. In this mode, LCD will flash the “Tank full” sign. The compressor and fan stop working. The system also gives buzzer 20 times. This feature is useful when the unit used as a home dehumidifier.

CDM-50L dehumidifier with pump; maintenance & safety aspects.

Do not connect relay, extension cord, or adaptor with this portable dehumidifier. Otherwise, fire, electric shock, and heating can cause. Also, do not place it near to equipment give heat such as furnace and heater. Otherwise, the resin may melt and causes a fire.

Please do not use this crawl space dehumidifier in direct sunlight or exposed to wind and rain. This machine is for indoor use only. When there is any abnormity (smell of burnt), please shut off the machine and unload the power cord. Otherwise, fire, electric shock, and failures may cause.

Do not use this floor mount dehumidifier in places exposed to chemicals. The chemicals and solvent in the air may bring adverse effects. As a result, there are chances of leakage in a water tank.

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Other precautions for the portable dehumidifier.

CDM industrial dehumidification with pump.

If this portable dehumidifier not used for a long time, then please disconnect the power cord. When disconnecting the machine, stop it first and then remove the power cord. Otherwise, a personal injury may cause. During continuous drainage, please place the drainpipe with a slop for smooth drainage.

If the dehumidifier installed in a cold area, then ice might form around the drainpipe. In such a case, a continuous water drain is not allowed. Do not repair, disassemble, or alternate the machine without authorization. It is to avoid fire or electric shock accidents. Please place the device in firm places.

Best portable dehumidifier installation.

If the machine falls, the water in the water tank may leak out and damages the stuff around it. It may also result in creepage and cause fire or electric shock accidents. There is one knack to extend the service life of air purification filter mesh. If the unit not used for a long time, then keep the air purification filter mesh in a plastic bag.

Do not use the best portable dehumidifier in places that exposed to water. There may be creepage if there is water and result in fire or electric shock. Please use the proper switch. Users should not damage or alternate the power cord. Placing heavy things, heat up, or pulling with force on the power cord may damage it. Please connect the power cord firmly with the switch.

CDM-50L dehumidifier of industrial size; warranty policy.

CtrlTech portable dehumidifier manufacturers, thank you for choosing our product. It will bring you great convenience to both work and life. If there is any failure, then please contact our service department. We will offer you the right consultancy and repair service. The warranty for the product is for one year from the date of sale.

Portable dehumidifier warranty terms.

The system will not consider under warranty repair following type of damages.

  1. Failure and damage caused by mal-operation by the customer. Or by not following the manual or instruction.
  2. Damage caused by transportation or handling. Customer replaces, disassembles, and changes machine number without authorization.
  3. Damage caused by such natural disasters as lightning strikes, water disasters, and fire. These damages not due to product quality. Thus, the portable dehumidifier will not cover in warranty.
  4. Damage caused by power fluctuation. So, it will not cover under the warranty repair.
  5. Damages caused by use in adverse environments not covered by warranty. For example, damages due to dusty, and high temperature not covered under warranty.
  6. The dehumidifier machine has no explosion-protection. In consequence, any accidents caused by the explosive environment will not cover.

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FAQs About Portable Dehumidifier:

What is a portable dehumidifier?

It is a compact, lightweight, low capacity dehumidifier provided with wheels and a push or carry handle. These units are easy to transport, and hence it also knows as mobile dehumidifiers.

How to buy a portable dehumidifier?

Your mobile dehumidifier should have the following features.

  1. It should be compact.
  2. The noise level should be low.
  3. It should have a large tank or continuous drainage, or both.
  4. Wheel and handle are essential for portability. 
  5. The unit should display current room humidity.
  6. Also, it should have an adjustable humidistat to set desired humidity level.
  7. It should turn off when the tank gets full.
  8. To save power, it should have an automatic operation.
  9. Programmable on/off delay timer

Are portable dehumidifiers effective in reducing humidity?

Yes, compressor dehumidifiers are very useful. A right capacity model can reduce moisture in a room within few hours. Users can also observe water in its tank that is extracted from the air.

What is the difference between a portable air conditioner and a dehumidifier?

The working principle of both AC and dehumidifier is almost the same, but its objective is different. A portable air conditioner is used to cool a specific area. On the other hand, a portable dehumidifier extracts moisture from the air and reduces humidity in a designated area.

 How dehumidifier prevents allergies?

As per the study, one of the prime reasons for allergies is the humid climate. High moisture air is fodder for mold, fungus, and mites, which are carriers of allergies. The spores of some of the fungus can cause respiratory diseases. A dehumidifier creates unfavorable conditions for these carriers by generating dry air. Thus, a portable dehumidifier helps to prevent allergies.

Is a drainage connection is must for installing a dehumidifier?

No, a drainage point is not mandatory for a dehumidifier if it has a built-in tank. Most of the portable dehumidifier has an inbuilt bucket to collect condensate water. Also, the unit itself gets turn off if this tank gets full.