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We offers all kinds of dehumidifier equipment to achieve dehumidification with low cost & with high efficiency. Our product gamut consists of portable dehumidifier, industrial dehumidifiers, warehouse dehumidifier, pool dehumidifiers and cold room dehumidification unit. We are reliable dehumidifier manufacturers in middle East. Out dehumidifier supplied in more than 10 countries which includes UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Ghana, Mauritius, Kazakhstan etc.,

Dehumidifier supplier in UAE, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia & Bahrain.What is Air Dehumidifier?

In simple term, it is device which removes humidity from air and reduces overall relative humidity level in space. It is very efficient in humidity control for various applications. De-humidifiers works on different principles. Compressor based condensation type dehumidifiers are most commonly used unit. Desiccant dehumidifiers are use to reduce humidity in low temperature areas. Refrigerant type dehumidifiers are low in price and consumes low power unlike a desiccant dehumidifier.

Why Do we need dehumidification Unit ?

Dehumidification needs at home, industrial setups and processes. High humidity in most of cases are undesirable. If Humidity is high at homes then it can cause health issues to occupants. It give rise to bad smell, development of fungus and mold,  wetness on floor etc. Also most of industrial processes needs low humidity environment during manufacturing and storage of furnished goods. For examples in pharmaceutical industries little high humidity can change quality of drugs. Even during storage of these drugs you need to maintain proper humidity levels. Also in indoor swimming pool rooms, dehumidifier needed to remove humidity generated from pool water surface. These are some of the reasons why we need dehumidification.

Why you need dehumidifier in UAE?

UAE shares large coastal belt of Arabian Sea. During most of the year temperature in UAE is always high. Due to sea coast high humidity level is normal phenomenon in UAE. Temperature during summers can reach high up to 48 °C and humidity can reach as high to 90% RH. Hence We need portable dehumidifier in UAE.

Types of Dehumidifiers

Dehumidifiers are classified mainly on basis of operating Principle, its application & it’s mounting. CtrlTech dehumidifier Dubai offers all type of units which are suitable for all applications. On basis of Application, units has been classified in four major types which are home dehumidifier, industrial dehumidifiers, swimming pool dehumidifier and warehouse dehumidifier. On basis of mounting it classified as floor mount, ceiling mount and wall mount dehumidifier. On basis of operating principle it classified into condensation dehumidifier and desiccant dehumidifier.

Industrial dehumidifiers.

Industrial dehumidifier suppllier in Dubai, UAE. Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Bahrain.As name suggest these type of dehumidifier s are use in industrial applications. Industrial Dehumidification units also refer as commercial dehumidifiers or commercial dehumidification unit. These type of units are use in food processing industries, aviation industry, shipping industry, pharmaceutical industry, Research laboratories etc. These large dehumidifiers are basically reduce humidity and act as catalyst in industrial processes by reducing humidity. CtrlTech offers many models of industrial dehumidifier systems. CD-85L heavy duty dehumidifier is one of the most loved model by many industrial client. Other commercial grade dehumidifier offered by CtrlTech are CDM-50L, CMD-90L & AD780. These are basically commercial portable dehumidifiers.

Home Dehumidifier in Dubai

These units area use in homes. Generally of small capacities. Capacity ranging from 10 to 50 liters per day. Mostly these units are portable type units. Design of these unit is done in such a way that these units should light in weight and should have portability. Unit and water tank provided with handle. These unit also commonly use as dehumidifier for basement also. With growing ill effect of high humidity at home to the health of families, demand of these type of home dehumidifiers has be increased over recent period.

Swimming pool Dehumidifier.

Swimming pool dehumidifier or dehumidifier for swimming pool in Dubai, UAEDehumidifier for indoor pool room is one of the must have equipment. High humidity generated by water surface of pool and to do to pool room humidity control we need efficient commercial pool dehumidification systems. When air in indoor pool room pass over pool water, its gets humid and due to this regular process overall humidity of room increase very rapidly. And if swimming pool water is heated to high temperature then evaporation will get faster and hence for heated indoor swimming pool humidity control, a powerful dehumidification units needed. Swimming pool dehumidifier calculation depends on area of pool, temperature of pool water, room temperature and type of use of pool (residential, school, hotel, therapy etc.). User can use indoor pool dehumidification calculator which available online. CtrlTech is one of the reputed name amongst pool dehumidifier manufacturers. They offer portable and ducted type indoor pool room dehumidifiers. SPD series ducted ceiling mounted indoor pool dehumidifier is their best seller.

Warehouse Dehumidifier

CtrlTech Warehouse dehumidifier FSD seriesIt is difficult to achieve low humidity for large spaces like warehouses. But some of the application like air plane hanger which need low humidity and which has huge volume is challenge for engineer to maintain low humidity. CtrlTech offers FSD series warehouse dehumidifier which are specially designed for large spaces. Capacity of these units starts from 240 liters per day. Specialty of these units are high airflow which requires for large spaces.

Lets see details of classification based on type of mounting.

Portable dehumidifier

Portable dehumidifier are available from capacity of 10 to 120 liters per day. In this type of unit strong wheels and push handle provided to make unit portable. Industrial, swimming pool or home unit also can be portable type unit. To achieve portability and to keep low weight, body of these units are made by high quality plastic and  rotary compressor is used. CtrlTech offered CD-25L and CD-50L which are home portable units while CDM-90L, CDM-50L & CD-85 portable industrial dehumidifiers.

Floor Mount Dehumidifiers

These are unit which are designed to place permanently at one place. These unit provided with small wheel but it is not for transport for long distance. CtrlTech offer FSD series floor mounted model. Floor mounted models are generally of higher capacities like more than 200 liters per day. Floor type unit use in large warehouses, manufacturing areas, large storage etc.

Ceiling Mount Dehumidifiers or ducted dehumidifiers 

ceiling mount ducted dehumidifier for swimming pool.Ceiling mounted or ducted dehumidifiers are generally preferred over floor mount unit since it saves lots of space. Ceiling mounted or ceiling suspended units are commonly use in large office buildings and indoor swimming pools. Ducted unit has flexibility to comment with indoor pool HVAC systems duct or can be connect in independent configuration. In Swimming pool, these types of indoor pool dehumidification systems can be efficient solution to reduce indoor pool humidity level. Ducted dehumidifiers ratings available in markets are from 96 to 1200 liters per day. CtrlTech also offer ducted type commercial indoor pool dehumidifier having capacity of more than 600 liters per day. Ducted dehumidification units also use as whole house dehumidifiers when it connected to AC duct in home.

Wall Mount Dehumidifiers.

Wall mount dehumidifiers are generally preferred in indoor swimming pool to fight against indoor pool humidity problems. Wall mount unit has limitations of capacity due to its slick design. CtrlTech offers AP series wall mount dehumidification unit. Maximum capacity of this this unit is 60 liters per days. Hence it can use for small residential swimming pool only. Due to its compact size some time it can use as basement dehumidifier systems.

Dehumidifier for sale by CtrlTech

As mentioned before, CtrlTech is oldest dehumidifier supplier in UAE. CtrlTech offers wide range of dehumidification units.  lets see these units one by one.

CD-25L Model

CD-25L home dehumidifiers.CD-25L is home dehumidifier unit, available in capacities of 12, 20 & 25 liters per day. This is most selling house dehumidifier system. This unit rated amounts top ten dehumidifiers in region. Its atheistic look and silent operation make it best dehumidifiers for bedroom. This unit has built in humidistat and hygrostat. Condensate tank is 5.5 liter capacity. Portability is achieved with help of four castor wheels and handle at top. Control panel has condensate tank full indication. Unit can be set on low or high fan speed. An On or off timer can be set in hours.  When tank is full, units will stop automatically to avoid spilling of condensate water. Due to its small size it is ideal crawl space dehumidifier.

CD-85L Industrial dehumidification system.

CD-85L is portable industrial dehumidifier having dehumidification Industrial dehumidifier CD-85L.capacity of 85 liters per day. This unit has strong wheels with push handle which make unit portable. Unit has built in condensate pump. Unit needs low power with 230V supply. Casing of unit made up of high resistant plastic which make unit strong at the same time light in weight. Unit has built in hygrostat and humidistat. Control panel has LCD display which continuously shows current room humidity and set humidity. When dehumidifier reduces room humidity to level of set humidity then dehumidifier get switch off automatically. And if room humidity increase again than set value, unit get auto start.