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CD-85L industrial dehumidifier has an extraction capacity of 85 liters per day. This is a portable type of large dehumidifier. Much industrial application needs low humidity. Hence, industrial-grade dehumidifiers have great demand. Other than the portable, fixed type industrial dehumidification system also needed. CtrlTech is one of the portable industrial dehumidifier manufacturers in UAE. They offer the best industrial dehumidifier price.

CD-85L heavy-dehumidifier has designed to withstand rough conditions of industrial use. The casing of this industrial dehumidifier systems made up of high-quality plastic. Hence, it is noncorrosive nature. As a result, the unit becomes durable.

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Features of an industrial dehumidifier.

This dehumidification system has an inlet from the front side. And air discharge from the backside with circular hood. At inlet removable filter provided which is washable. Hence, air get clean before entering the unit. A duct can connect to outlet air hood to direct dry air. Due to this feature, it also can use as a home dehumidifier for large houses.

CD-85L portable industrial dehumidifier.

This commercial dehumidification system is portable in nature. It has strong wheels and pushes handle. Thus, it can shift with ease. CD-85L is industrial dehumidifiers that have a built-in pump. So, it able to drain out condensate at a certain height also.

The drainage point is on the backside of the unit. Two-meter drainage pipe offered with unit. In short, it is a very portable type unit.

CD-85L Industrial dehumidifier product description.

Industrial grade dehumidifier; other features.

A circular water pipe supporter has given at the backside. It helps the wide pipe when the unit is not working. From the control panel of this unit, the user can set the required humidity.

It has built-in hygrostat and set humidity. Hence, LCD panel shows room humidity. can check the working hours.

Portable industrial dehumidifier; Control Panel.

One of the USP of CD-85L industrial dehumidifiers is that it’s control panel. Worth mentioning that is user friendly and full of features. Control panel of CD-85L portable commercial dehumidifier has the following keys/indications:

  • ON / OFF KEY


Functions of control panel keys.

Portable industrial Control panel.

Now let’s get understand by functions of all the above keys and indications. So, it will help you to operate this industrial dehumidifier.

ON/OFF: Press the ON / OFF key to turn the unit ON or OFF.

PURGE: Press the PURGE key to empty water from the pump reservoir. During normal operation, the pump purges itself when the reservoir is full. Use “PURGE” before moving the machine to avoid water spillage. The pump will close itself after forty seconds of continuous operation.

V and ꓥ: Press ꓥ and V key to set or adjust the humidity in the range between 26% and 90%. When the environmental humidity set below 26% “CO” will display. Hence, a user can set humidity in this industrial dehumidifier.

Defrost indicator: This sign will glow when the unit performing defrosting. Ice gets form on the coil during the operation. Hence, to remove the ice unit goes into defrost mode itself. When defrosting finishes, the unit begins to dehumidification again.

Time key of the large dehumidifier.

Display working hours and working time after turning on the operation. The time unit base is minutes. For example, if it displays “0000:50”, it means that it has worked for 50 minutes this time.

If you want to view the total working time, please press “T” once more. And it will shows for 10 seconds and return to the original working hours. If you press “T” before it has lasted for 10 seconds, then it also can turn to the original working hours.

If industrial dehumidifier powered, but not in operation then LCD will display nothing. And in this condition, if you press “T” then last working hours display. But, within 10s, if “T” pressed again, the total working time will show for also 10s. Within these 10s, if there is no action then LED will turn down.

Deleting working hours history.

If you press “T” twice, LCD will display total working hours. Users can delete current working time by pressing and holding the “T” button for 5 seconds.

Please note, the total working time cannot delete. If the time is beyond the range of LED showing the time, then it will get deleted and recount from the start.

CD-85L industrial dehumidifier installation.

industrial dehumidification systems setting up instructions.

Place industrial dehumidifiers in the upright position. Allow the dehumidifier to stand for 30 minutes before switching ON. This is necessary to allow the refrigerant system to stabilize. Hence, it avoids system damage.

Operate this large dehumidifier in an enclosed area. Close all doors, windows before switching on the unit. Make room airtight. Hence, it will maximize the dehumidifier’s water removal efficiency. Keep traffic through the room as less as possible.

Placement of Industrial dehumidifier.

Cd-85L commercial drying unit.

Place the floor mount dehumidifier in the center of the room. It should be at least 30cm away from walls and furnishings. DO NOT allow the airflows to get obstructed. The dehumidifier pump connects to a plastic drainage hose.

The hose stored on the back of the appliance. Ensure ther are no kinks during uncoiling the hose. Also, do not raise the hose pipe more than 4.5 meters high.

Industrial dehumidification System; Operating instructions.

CD-85L large dehumidification operating instruction.

Press the ON / OFF key to turn CD-85L industrial dehumidifier. It will get into working mode. One unit turned on the user can set the required humidity level. In other words, the unit is ready to work in automatic mode.

Users can switch off the unit by pressing ON/OFF button once again. Before switching off, the unit will turn on the pump for 40 seconds. And flushes out the water store in the internal tank. So, it ensures water not spill over when you move the unit.

Aways avoid switching off the system by disconnecting the power socket. Also, do not move the dehumidifier for at least three minutes after turning the power off. On top of it, it also avoids water spillage.

CD-85L portable industrial dehumidifier; special instructions.

If you press “T” and “Purge” button together for 2 seconds then defrost mode gets activated. At the same time, all keys get locked. This call Key locked function. To unlock the control panel, press these two keys together for 2 seconds again.

When you are draining out water to long-distance then use a bigger size pipe. Use a pipe of at least 170 mm in diameter. It will ensure the free flow of condensate water.

Industrial size dehumidifier maintenance.

All devices need maintenance so as industrial dehumidifiers too. Other than specific fault maintenance, you need cleaning of filter and battery replacement. Let understand how to do this.

Industrial dehumidifier filter cleaning.

Clean the air filter on a regular basis during maintenance. Before that, ensure the industrial dehumidifier turned OFF. Also, make sure that the plug removed from the power socket. A dirty air filter will restrict the intake of air. Hence, the working performance of the dehumidifier gets reduced.

I. Remove the filter as shown in the diagram above.

II. Vacuum any dirt from the filter using the vacuum hose and nozzle attachment.

III. Using Luke- warm water and a mild detergent wash the filter and allow it to dry.

IV. Once dry, reinstall the filter into the dehumidifier.

CD-85L portable dehumidifier maintainance.

Replacing Batteries.

I. Firstly, remove the screws in the four corners of the control panel.

II. Once the screws removed, lift the control panel to access the PCB.

III. On the PCB there is a 6F22 9V battery. After that, remove the battery and replace it with new.

IV. Refit the control panel onto the PCB. Thereafter, refit the four screws.

The dehumidifier of large capacity; Specifications.

Please refer following specification for an industrial dehumidifier:

ModelCD – 85L
Moisture Removal capacity85L/day (300C RH80%)
50L/day (270C rh60%)
Power Supply220-240V/50Hz
Rated Power990W
Rated Current4.7A
Max Power1370W
Max Current6.4A
Maximum Suction Pressure2.5MPa
Maximum Discharge Pressure4.5MPa
Operating Range50C- 350C
Net Weight44Kg
Product Size530 x 515 x 830 mm

CD-85L large dehumidifier systems: Fault Code

Whenever this portable industrial dehumidifier has fault then the unit will show EX. Where ‘X’ represents a numeric. Unique numbers get display depending on the nature of the fault. With the help of this fault code, we can understand the fault issues immediately. So, there is no need for diagnosis and can repair immediately. Fault cold details are as follow:

  • If the error code is “E1” then error message “coil sensor error” will flash every 30 seconds. In other words, the unit is in defrost mode. So, nothing to worry about.
  • If the display shows “E2” then the “Humdity sensor error” message will flash every 30 seconds. Therfore, then you need to contact the service center to replace the sensor.
  • When refrigerant leakages then display will show error code “E3”. And, “Low or no refrigerant” message will flash. In short, refile gas with the help of an expert.
  • IF error code is “E4″ then error message” Water pump fault” will flash. Meanwhile, the unit will switch off itself after working for a few minutes. Get the pump repaired or replace.

Industrial grade dehumidifier troubleshooting.

Please follow the following table to troubleshoot the issue of CD-85L industrial dehumidifier.

Dehumidifier does not operate No Power to appliance Connect plug to power socket  
Switch not turned on Switch on  
E4 error is displayed Check drainage flow  
Dehumidifier collect little water Insufficient working time Allow more working time  
Filter is blocked Clean filter  
Low ambient temperature Increase ambient temperature  
Condensate hose is blocked Check hose for restrictions  
Dehumidifier is operating but room is not drying Doors and windows are open Seal room from external areas  

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