CD-85L Industrial dehumidifier

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CD-85L is one of the most selling industrial dehumidifiers in Dubai. It can extract up to 85 liters per day. Thus, it is suitable for commercial sites, swimming pools, and warehouses. This industrial dehumidification system has an inbuilt condensate pump. Also, it is fitted with a simple control panel to set humidity. CD-85L model is available for sale and on a rental basis at low prices. It has a blue color body casing, filter, handle, and large wheels.


An industrial dehumidifier, what’s special?

CD--85L portable industrial dehumidifier machine.An industrial dehumidifier is standing for robustness, reliability, and durability. These three qualities make it unique from a regular portable home dehumidification system. These systems are designed to withstand rough use at the construction site and factories. And CD-85L fulfills all three features to qualify as a genuinely industrial drying system.

We have noticed some of our clients are still using a seven-year-old CD-85L industrial dehumidifier. Hence, it speaks about its durability. Furthermore, each component fitted after passing a stringent quality test, and every system has to pass Factory pre-dispatch test. Thus, reliability is guaranteed.

CD-85L features.

As mentioned before, CD-85L is a portable type unit since it is provided with sturdy wheels and a push handle. In addition, this industrial dehumidifier has a corrosion-proof plastic body. It sucks humid air through a filter from the front side. Also, this filter is removable and washable. Discharge of dry air is from the backside. A round collar at the outlet helps to connect a flexible duct to divert air.

CD-85L is an energy-efficient and environment-friendly unit. It uses R410 green refrigerant. On the top, this industrial dehumidifier machine has an automatic defrost mechanism. Thus, it is suitable to use in cold storage also. Furthermore, an inbuilt condensate pump is one of the USPs of this model. Hence, it can push condensate water at ceiling level also. It is available at the most economical price in Dubai, UAE.

Industrial dehumidifier applications.

  • It is often used at the construction site to dry concrete.
  • After the flood, it expedites the drying of spaces.
  • It reduces humidity and protects artifacts in the museum and archive rooms.
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing and storage need a dry climate. Thus, an industrial dehumidifier is the cheapest solution for it.
  • Food, marine, and shipping sectors need it.

Industrial dehumidifier specification.

  • Dehumidifying capacity: 85 liters per day at 30 degrees Celcius and 80% RH
  • Electrical supply: 220-240V, 50Hz, 1ph.
  • It can consume maximum power of 900 watts.
  • This industrial dehumidifier has an inbuilt condensate pump.
  • The compressor is rotary type. Hence, it saves energy.
  • It has a process airflow of 730 CMH.
  • The noise level of this unit is 52 dB(A). So, it good to use at stores also.
  • Users can set desired humidity level.
  • It has an automatic defrost. Thus, suitable to operate in industrial cold places.
  • Dimensions: 530 × 515 × 830 mm
  • Net weight: 45 kg

Additional information

Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 53 × 51.5 × 83 cm


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