Dehumidifier calculation for capacity sizing.

Dehumidifier calculation for dehumidifier sizing & moisture load calculation.

The right Dehumidifier calculation becomes important to decide the right size dehumidifier. Knowing that you need a dehumidifier is the first step. The next natural question is about dehumidifier capacity. For right dehumidifier sizing, you need to do a moisture load calculation. There are many methods of doing it.

For home, the AHAM method is most common for dehumidifiers design calculation. AHAM stands for the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers. This method provides a dehumidifier calculation sheet. By following a few simple steps you can do the calculation. Hence, it is the easiest method amongst all.

Many dehumidifier supplier companies provide an online dehumidifier calculator. So, you can select the right capacity model. This article discusses sizing based on the AHAM method. Especially, for home and offices.

Dehumidifier calculation by AHAM method.

Dehumidifier calculation by AHAM proposed method is easy and simple. Even though it is not a very accurate one. Although, for home use, we can use this method. A whole method based on two factors.

First, the size of the room that needs to dehumidify. And humidity condition in that room. Size of the room defined in square feet. Based on the humidity level, areas divided into four types of areas.

Area classifications to size dehumidifier.

Based on the moisture level inside the space, there are four types of rooms. It is a crucial step towards the right dehumidifier calculation.

  • Moderate damped room with a musty odor and uncomfortable environment.
  • Very damp areas in which we can observe spot on the floor. Also, spot pot on the wall and bad smell are common symptoms.
  • Very Wet area where humidity always high. It is so high that one observes sweating on the wall due to condensation. Also, in the worst cases, there might seepage on the wall.
  • Extreme Wet area where humidity too high. such that water accumulates on the floor.

For easy understanding for all consumers above level associated with the trait. For example, symptoms like musty odor, a spot of wall and floor, sweating wall, and wet floor. So that consumers can identify room type with ease for dehumidifier capacity selection.

Dehumidifier sizing calculation with calculator.

Let’s size dehumidifier for your home.

To select the right dehumidifier capacity, first, you need to decide room size. Thereafter, you can identify the current humidity level in the room. you need to follow this chart.

Measure room for dehumidifier sizing.

Measure the size of the room which you want to dehumidify. For this, you can use rough measurements also. The type of AC design is important. If space has separate AC then it is simple. If the same AC shared with two rooms then consider areas of both rooms.

Considering the total covered area by AC is an important aspect. Failing to it, you might do wrong dehumidifier calculation.

Decide the area type for a dehumidifier calculation.

Depending on symptoms of high humidity, you can identify area type. As mentioned before, these symptoms are like a bad smell, wet floor, etc.

You need to decide if your room is moderate damped, very damped, very wet or extreme wet. Based on these two data, from the chart, you can decide dehumidifier sizing.

Example of dehumidifier calculation.

Let’s consider that you have a room of area 1000 sq. feet which need to dehumidify. Also, AC is common between this room and another room. Another room has an area of around 500 sq feet. Also, consider that you are noticing a spot on the wall and wet floor due to high humidity. 

Hence your total area to dehumidified will be 1000 + 500 = 1500 sq.feet. So, we have to do a dehumidifier calculation for 1500 sq feet room.

And, your room condition falls is the “Very Damp” category.

So based on the chart, you need a unit having a capacity of 12.5 liters/day.

CtrlTech for dehumidifier sizing.

Once you finished dehumidifier sizing, the second important thing is to select a supplier. In UAE, CtrlTech is the oldest dehumidifier company offering a wide range. Their product range includes home, swimming pool & industrial dehumidifier. Ctrltech is an expert in this field. Hence, They offer special solutions for warehouses & cold rooms.

For homes, CtrlTech dehumidifier Dubai offers a CD-25L model. It has a capacity of 25 liters/day. As per the AHAM chart, it can dehumidify.

  • The extreme wet area up to 2500 sq feet.
  • Around 2800 sq feet very wet areas.
  • Approximate 3000 sq. feet very damp room.
  • The moderate damp space up to 3500 sq feet.

Please contact experts for industrial dehumidifier calculation.

Home dehumidifier features.

Other than the dehumidifier capacity we need to make sure that the unit has some essential features.

  • A room dehumidifier should have quiet in operation. Thus, it will disturb you.
  • It should have a fully automatic operation. In other words, it should turn off and switch on itself based on the room humidity level.
  • The unit should have built-in humidistat.
  • A dehumidifier should have a large tank. Above all, it should have a hosepipe connection for a continuous drain.
  • It should have certified energy efficiency.

Swimming pool dehumidifier capacity selection.

Pool dehumidification system capacity selection needs an expert. There is a process of selecting the right swimming pool dehumidifier. In short, we should contact to experienced person for this job. Unit size depends on four factors. Firstly, it is directly proportional to the size of the pool. Secondly, it also depends on the type of pool.

Thirdly, and most importantly, the water temperature that increases evaporation. Thus, an ideal method should include all these factors. In addition, it is also equally important to select the right type of unit. For instance, for a home pool, we should choose a wall mount unit. Similarly, for the large pool, we should select a duct type model.

To Know more about dehumidifier calculation, please contact us.

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