Wall mounted dehumidifier

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A wall mounted dehumidifier often works great for small indoor swimming pools, jacuzzi, and spas. It can be hung on the wall easily with brackets. These pool dehumidification systems are compact, silent, and have an elegant look. It is available in metal, silver, and white finishing. Also, users can choose a customize filter and air heating coil. CtrlTech offers Europen make wall mount dehumidifiers in Dubai, Doha, Muscat, Kuwait, Jeddah, & Riyadh.


Wall mounted dehumidifier benefits.

Commercial wall mounted dehumidifiers.For small indoor swimming pool rooms, a wall mounted dehumidifier is a perfect option. Unlike a portable system, it does not occupy the floor space. Also, it is not a complicated fixing procedure like a ducted dehumidification system. One can easily hang a wall dehumidifier with the help of a bracket supplied with it. On top of it, due to its open access, it is easy to do maintenance. 

Modern wall hung dehumidifiers are available in different finishes. Thus, one can choose a model that is suited to their indoor pool room interior. It is also suitable for small storage, museum, spas, & archive rooms. For commercial pools, one needs to install multiple units. However, there are duct wall mount dehumidifiers of large capacities available in the market. CtrlTech offers a system from Aerial, Germany, Dantherm, and Microwell, Europe.

DRY400 wall dehumidifiers.

DRY400 series wall mounted dehumidifiers are compact, elegant, and available in various capacities. It is a very thin unit with a thickness of only 20 to 30 cm. Thus, it looks good on the wall. It is a good option for an indoor swimming pool with less floor space. This unit is provided with a bracket to hang the system. It is available in metal, silver, and white acrylic plastic shades. If required, you can order customize model in any of your desired color combinations.

It has a humidistat on its side panel. However, one can order a remote humidistat as an optional item. Also, the heating coil is an optional feature. This wall mounted dehumidifier can set in two functional modes. First, in continuous fan mode in which fans always run. In the second mode, fans stop when the compress gets cut off. The client has a choice to select desired filter types. Thus, if chosen G4 filter, then it can help to purify air also. 

Wall mounted dehumidifier application areas.

  • It is the best choice for small residential indoor swimming pools.
  • A small-capacity unit is suitable for Jacuzzi and Spa.
  • It is elegant and silent. Thus, good to use in museums, libraries, gyms, and record rooms.
  • Due to its compact size and lightness, it is an excellent option for yachts, ships, and boats.


  • It can be mount on the wall or floor with the help of customized brackets.
  • Dehumidifying capacity of wall mounted dehumidifier is 58 liters per day.
  • This unit has a fitted control panel. Also, it has the option of a wireless controller.
  • Users can choose different types of filters.
  • This system has the facility to connect air heating coils.
  •  The Power requirement is 700 watts only. 
  • It is silent with an operating noise level of only 42 dB(A).
  • Available in three different finishes. Hence, the user has more flexibility.
  • Airflow is 550 CHM
  • The electrical requirement is 230V, 50Hz, 1ph

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Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 78 × 65.3 × 30 cm


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