SPD indoor swimming pool dehumidifier

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SPD series a ducted indoor swimming pool dehumidifier with 136 liters per day capacity. It is a low cost indoor pool room dehumidifier with efficient performance. This pool dehumidification system can connect to a wired or wireless LCD controller. Also, its sizing is suitable for small residential and commercial pools. It is manufactured by CtrlTech and available in Dubai, Doha, Riyadh, Muscat, and Manama.


Why need an indoor swimming pool dehumidifier?

Swimming pool dehumidification unit.
Swimming pool dehumidification unit.

Naturally, the water surface evaporates and generates moisture. Hence, it increases the humidity of the air. In the case of indoor pool rooms, it the main reason behind dampness inside it. Thus, an indoor swimming pool dehumidifier is a must to eliminate wetness from the air. But, another fundamental question arises that why reduce humidity? Well, the answer is simple; to protect you from allergies. Also, to avoid deterioration of your property.

Excess moisture is the main reason behind most allergies. On top of it, it gives desired climate for mold, fungus, and mites. Some of the fungi are poisonous and life-threatening. Secondly, it damages walls, ceilings, electronic devices, and wooden furniture. But, most importantly, it causes irreversible degrade structure of the building. An indoor pool dehumidifier can save from all these ill-effects.

SPD-136L indoor pool dehumidifier.

SPD Series units can be installed as ceiling suspended or wall-mounted configurations. It is a duct mount indoor swimming pool dehumidifier. Thus, it has different fixing arrangments. One can connect it inline with the AC system or independently. From the wall mount controller, users can choose humidity level, fan speed, and delay timer. With a good quality compressor, centrifugal fan, and coils, it is more reliable and durable.

This indoor pool dehumidification system has an auto-cut-off facility after achieving a set humidity level. Also, it has fresh air and recirculating operation method. A pool room dehumidifier should set in recirculating mode. So that fan should stop when the compress cuts off. In fresh air mode, the filter at the inlet helps to restrict the outside dust. It has a flat design to install above a low-height ceiling. 

Indoor swimming pool dehumidifier applications.

  • It is ubiquitous to use this system in indoor pool rooms.
  • Due to internal insulation, it is a noiseless machine. Thus, it is suitable for spas, bedrooms, and health clubs.
  • Since it can fix remotely, it is perfect for MRI scanning rooms and labs.
  • In multiple unit design, it can dry large warehouses and storerooms.
  • With its fresh air operation mode, it can use as a whole-house dehumidifier.

In short, this indoor swimming pool dehumidifier has versatile use.

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