CDM-50L dehumidifiers in Dubai, Doha, Muscat & Riyadh.

CDM-50L portable dehumidifier industrial.

CDM-50L Portable dehumidifier Features:

CDM-50L is smallest capacity of industrial portable dehumidifier offered by CtrlTech having capacity of 50 liters per day. This industrial dehumidifier has strong steel metal body with large wheels and push handle. LCD display is USP of this model. Intake of humid air is from front side and dry air discharge is from right side panel. This particular model has facility of built in condensate tank as well as hose pipe connection pipe. Unit has 5.5 liter capacity tanks which can be easily accessible from front bottom side. Backside panel is grooved for creating window for heat dissipation. Unit is light in weight and easily transport from one place to other. This is best commercial grade dehumidifier for small industrial spaces like container, water pump room, laundry rooms, telecom shelters etc. CDM series portable industrial dehumidifiers has two capacities; which are CDM-50L and CDM-90L. This dehumidification systems has LCD control panel from which user can set required humidity level.

CDM-50L portable dehumidifier product description.

Control Panel of CDM-50L commercial dehumidifier.

1. “Power ON/OFF” key: This key use to switch on or switch off this commercial dehumidification system. When user press this key to switch on, dehumidifier starts with single beep to confirm that unit has powered on. Single time press of this key will switch off unit.

2. “Automatic ON/OFF timer” Key: This key is use to set timer for automatic switch on or switch off unit after set delay hours. By pressing this key once you can set current time setting. If unit is connect to power supply then to set start timer,  press this key two times followed by “+Increase” or “-decrease” key to increase or decrease number of hour after which unit should start automatically.  Similarly to set shut down timer press this key three times and set delay hours.

3. “-Decrease” Key: This key is use to decrease value of humidity or number of hours while setting required humidity level or while setting number off delay timer hours for automatic shut down or automatic switch on respectively. Every time you press this key will decrease value of humidity by 1%RH and value of timer by 1 hour.

4. “+Increase” Key: This key is use to increase value of humidity or number of hours while setting required humidity level or while setting number of delay timer hours for automatic shut down or automatic switch on respectively. Every time you press this key will decrease value of humidity by 1%RH and value of timer by 1 hour.

Commercial dehumidifier LCD control panel.


Starting up CDM-50L commercial grade dehumidifier.

1. Energize the power, the portable dehumidifier will beep for once;
2. Press the “Power” button for once, the LCD display is light. After all the displays are normal, the LCD displays current environment humidity;
3. Setting of humidity:  press “+” and “-” buttons to set the required humidity. When the set humidity is 3% less than current humidity, the dehumidifier works; when the set humidity is 3% more than current humidity, the dehumidifier stops;
4. When the set humidity is less than 30%, the dehumidifier enters the mode of successive dehumidification;
5. Setting of preset time:
Press the “Time” button the “hour” time on the control panel flashes, press “+” and “-” to adjust the working hour;
Shut down the machine:
Press “Power” button when the machine is on working, the dehumidifier will stop work and all the instruction lights off.

IMP Note about CDM-50L Portable commercial Dehumidifier

CDM series industrial dehumidification system1. If the set humidity is higher than the actual humidity, the dehumidifier stops working;
2. During dehumidification, after the compressor starts working, the fan and compressor can only be stopped after working for at least 3 minutes; the compressor can only be re-started 3 minutes after it stops;
3. If works under low temperature, the dehumidifier may judge the system temperature automatically and defrost automatically; when defrosting, the indicator of defrosting is light, the fan works and compressor stops working.
4. The system has auto memory. When all the mode setting has been finished, if there is sudden power cut during operation, or the power jack slips out, the industrial dehumidifier system may store the current status before the power is cut and enter the operation mode before power cut automatically after power is supplied;
5. Range for humidity is 20%-90%;
6. Auto detection of temperature/humidity failure:
a. When the this industrial dehumidification system detects that temperature sensor exceeds the limited range, the system enters mode of temperature sensor failure. Under this mode, LCD displays temperature failure code “E1”, the system works in circle of dehumidification for 30 minutes and defrosting for 15 minutes;
b. When the portable dehumidifier industrial system detects that humidity sensor exceeds the limited range, the system enters mode of humidity sensor failure. Under this mode, LCD displays humidity failure code “E2” and the system enters continuous dehumidification.
c. After temperature/humidity sensor failure is eliminated, the system works normally.
7. Water Tank Full State: No matter machine is on or off, when the water tank is full, as long as the signal of water is full for constantly for 3seconds, the system enter the model of “water is full and stop the machine”, under this mode, the light of water tank is full flashing, the compressor and fan stopped work and the buzzer buzzes constantly for 20 times.

CDM-50L dehumidifier with pump: Maintenance & Safety Aspects.

Do not connect relay, extension cord or adaptor with this portable industrial dehumidifiers. Otherwise, fire, electric shock and heating can be caused. Do not place it near to equipment give heat such as furnace and heater. Otherwise, the resin may be melted and causes fire. Do not use this crawl space dehumidifier in places with direct sunlight or exposed to wind and rain. This machine is for indoor use only. When there is any abnormity (smell of burnt), please shut off the machine and unload the power cord. Otherwise, fire, electric shock and new failures may be caused. Do not use this dehumidifier in places exposed to chemicals. The chemicals and solvent in the air may bring adverse effect to the machine and result in leakage in water tank.

If this large dehumidifier is spared for a long time, please unload the power cord. When clearing the machine, stop it first and unload the power cord. Otherwise, human injury may be caused. During continuous drainage, please place the drain pipe appropriately for smooth drainage. If there is any possibility that temperature around pipe may result in icing, continuous water drain is not allowed. Do not repair, disassemble or alternate the machine without authorization so as to avoid fire or electric shock accidents;  Please place the machine in firm places;

If the machine falls down, the water in water tank may leak out and damages stuff around and results in creepage and cause fire or electric shock accidents; Knacks to extend the service life of air purification filter mesh: If to be spared for a long time, keep the air purification filter mesh in plastic bag and save hermetically. Do not use dehumidifier in places that may be exposed to water. There may be creepage if there is water and result in fire or electric shock. Please use proper switch. Otherwise, fire or electric shock accidents may be caused.

Do not damage or alternate the power cord. Do not place heavy things on power cord or heat up or pull forcefully the power cord, otherwise power cord may be damaged and causes fire or electric shock accidents. Please connect the power cord firmly with the switch. If the power cord is loose, there may be risk of electric shock. Do not stop operation of dehumidifier by pulling out the power cord.
Otherwise fire or electric shock accident may be caused.

CDM-50L dehumidifier of industrial size: Warranty Policy.

Thank you for choosing our CDM series dehumidifier. It will bring you great convenience on both work and life. If there is any failure, please contact our repair department or after-sale service center. We will offer you good consultancy and repair service.  Warranty for the product purchased is one year since the day of purchase including compressor.

1. Failure and damage caused by mal-operation of customer not following the manual or instruction.
2. Damage caused by transportation or handling. Customer replaces, disassembles and changes machine number without authorization.
3. Damage caused by such natural disaster as lightning strike, water disaster and fire.
4. Damage caused by use of power with abnormal voltage or power supplied by non-power-supplying department.
5. Where the warranty card is lost, reproduced, or there is no invoice, or no voucher of purchase or the warranty period has been expired.
6. Temperature sensor is easily damaged and is not covered by warranty.
7. Damages caused by use in adverse environment of being acid, alkaline, salty, sticky, dusty and high temperature (over 38℃) are not covered by the warranty.
8. The dehumidifier machine has no explosion-protection. If there are any accidents caused by use in explosive and corrosive environment, our company bears no liability.
9. Within the warranty period, parts to be replaced must be exchanged with old ones for new ones.