Small Dehumidifier or Mini dehumidifier; benefits & types.

In this article we are going to understand how to select these small dehumidifier, what are types of these mini dehumidifiers and what are its benefits.

Small dehumidifier make much sense when it comes to reduce humidity at small spaces of house. Many times at our homes we found high humidity at small places instead of whole house. These places area like bathrooms, cupboards, area below wash basin, small store rooms etc. Buying portable dehumidifier for such application will be waste of money. It is often observed that we get bad smell from cupboard because of wetness in cloths which cause due to high humidity. Now putting 20 to 25 liter big dehumidifier in cupboard in not practical affair. Hence there is need of some small portable dehumidifier.  These small room dehumidifier are effective to counter moderate humidity levels. In this article we are going to understand how to select these mini dehumidifier, what are types of these small dehumidifiers and its benefits.

Why you need small room dehumidifier?

Need of small dehumidifier is primarily due to space restriction. There are many examples as mentioned before we can not but high capacity portable demystification unit. For example in RV has small spaces in it. Each equipment in RVs selected and installed considering its physical size and its weight. RV prefers equipment with low physical size and low weight. Considering room size of RVs 20 to 25 liter dehumidifier will be more than access capacity than required at the same time it will not fit in criteria of size and weight required. Hence there are special small dehumidifier for RV has been developed. Small rooms and bathroom on holiday cruises which has always high humidity due to proximity to sea required small portable dehumidifiers.

Types of Small Portable dehumidifier.

There are basically three types of mini dehumidifiers; non rechargeable, chargeable and electric small dehumidifiers.

silica gel bagsNon Rechargeable Small dehumidification unit: These are basically silica bags which use to reduce humidifier. Bags contains silica gel which is granular and porous, a form of silicon dioxide and synthetically made from sodium silicate. Silica gel has desiccant property which means it can absorb moisture from air. Due to it’s this quality, it is use to reduce humidity. But once silica gel bags absorbs humidity it can not be reuse technically. However many reuse these bag by drying in sunlight.

rechargeable dehumidifierRechargeable small dehumidifier: These unit also consists of silica gel but packed in attractive plastic container with facility to heat silica gel to remove humidity absorbed by silica gel granule from air. It is also called as wireless dehumidifier since while use it need not to connect to electric supply. Once dehumidifier absorb humidity from air to its full capacity then its shows red indication indicating that silica gel in it has no more capacity to absorb more moisture hence it need to dry. To dry silica gel, these unit connected to electric supply which generate heat and evaporated moisture from silica gel and make it reusable.

Electric Dehumidifier small or Peltier dehumidifier: This small dehumidifier need to connect continuously to electric supply for dehumidification. However power consumption of this unit is negligible. Some of unit can even run on batteries.  Due to its working principle it also call as peltier dehumidifier or Thermo-electric dehumidifier. It consists of peltier module which is sandwiched between two heat sinks. When electricity passes through this module it create temperature difference on both sinks. When humid air passes over cold heat sinks then condensation happens and humidity get removed. This is best small dehumidifier.

Advantages of Small Dehumidifier.

Few advantages of Small dehumidifier area as follow:

  1. Compact Size: Small portable dehumidifiers are very compact in size hence it is suitable to place in crawl spaces. Due to its compact size it can incorporate in RVs and boat. These are best boat dehumidifier.
  2. Light weight: Small dehumidifier does not contains compressor or desiccant wheels. It is very light in weight.
  3. Electricity consumption: Small room crawl space dehumidifier consumes very negligible electric power as compared to refrigerant dehumidifier.
  4. Low cost: Small bathroom dehumidifiers are very affordable. It has much low cost than refrigerant dehumidifier.

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Petlier Dehumidifier reviews (Mini Dehumidifier)

In this article we will review mini dehumidifier which is based on petlier effect and which often call as petlier small dehumidifier or thermo-electric dehumidifier. This dehumidifier is first choice of many first time dehumidifier buyer due to its attractive price. And is useful too but for small spaces. Many petlier effect based unit are amongst top ten dehumidifiers in dehumidifier reviews 2015.  We will compare this dehumidification unit with traditional compressor based dehumidifier working on condensation principle. Let’s start petlier dehumidifier reviews

Working principle of Petlier mini dehumidifier.

As mentioned before unit works on petlier effect which is nothing but creation of temperature difference when voltage applied to two different type of metal joined to each other. It mean when two different mental joined to each other and electric voltage applied then one metal become hot and other become cold and temperature difference crated. In this process also called as thermos electric effect since it relates temperature with electricity. A petlier mini dehumidifier consists of following parts:

1) Two heat sink made up of different material. It call cold side heat sink and hot side heat sink.

2) A petlier module which sandwiched between two heat sink to apply voltage.

3) A Fan which pull humid air and push dry air.

4) Electric circuitry, switches and casing.

How this small dehumidifier works?

When you start this dehumidifier, fan pulls humid air into unit and this air first encountered by cold heat sink where dehumidification take place. Moisture present in humid air is condensate into water. This process is very similar to that of condensation process with help of cold evaporator coil in compressor based dehumidifier. Please note that cold heat sink of this small dehumidifier is designed with smooth surface and grooved properly so that condensate water easily falls into tank placed below cold heat sink. After condensation entered humid air converted into dry air which again passed over hot heat sink and put outside.

Advantages and disadvantages this top rated dehumidifier.


Low Price: Price of this mini dehumidifier is much less than tradition compressor based dehumidifier. But if you are going to buy this dehumidifier for large room they your money going to be total waste.

Quite Operation: This unit do not contain any noise making or rotating part hence operation of this unit is very silent. But due to its low price quality of fan used in it will make noise over period of time.

Low Power consumption: Power consumption is extremely less. Unit runs of DC voltage. Overage power consumption if only 22 to 50 watts only.


Low Dehumidification Power: Extraction capacity of this dehumidification unit is between 0.5 to 1.25 pint per day only which is very less. hence this dehumidifier is suitable for small spaces like bathroom, cupboards etc. If you like to buy this dehumidifier for your bedroom or living hall then you will definitely get disappointed.

Quality & Reliability: If you consider working principle of design of product it is more reliable product but if you consider quality of parts like fan, heat sink and switched it is mot unreliable unit.

Low Dehumidifier speed: Since this unit equipped with small fan (which generally used in computer), intake air itself is very less (actually it is negligible). Due to this dehumidification speed is very less. And this mini dehumidifier is not at all suitable for large rooms.

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