FAQs Regarding Portable dehumidifier or room dehumidifier.

It is unfortunate that even today portable dehumidifier is very new to many urban people. As one of the major dehumidifier supplier in middle eastern region, we daily encounter many FAQs which are very basic in nature. In this article we will list down and answer all possible FAQs about portable dehumidifier or small home dehumidifiers.

Basic FAQ that Dehumidifier supplier face.

There are some of question are very basic in nature but asked by many users. When user facing high humidity issues and from his friends or internet he comes to know that he need a device called dehumidifier then he comes to us with many frequently asked following questions:

What is dehumidifier?

In simple language dehumidifier is a device which converts humidity from air into water and hence it reduces overall percentage of relative humidity in space.

Next immediate question; what is relative humidity?

Relative humidity in majored in percentage and it indicate how much water air relative to amount that air could hold if it was saturated. 100% relative humidity indicates that air is at “dew point” or it is full of water and condensation of humidity will start.

How dehumidifier reduces humidity or how dehumidifier works? 

There are mainly three different types of dehumidifier which works on different principles. Those are refrigerant dehumidifier, desiccant dehumidifier and petlier dehumidifier. Refrigerant type or condensation dehumidifier are commonly use for home and industrial applications. Condensation room dehumidifier consists of blower fan, evaporator and condenser coil. It suck humid air and passed over cold condenser coil where humidity from air converted into water due to condensation. This water get accumulated in built in tank and dry air pushed out.

Where from water comes into air?

Moisture in air comes from mainly due to evaporation from open water bodies like lake, sea, river etc. Inside our home it comes from washing, showering, cooking etc. when moisture absorbed in air then relative humidity of air increases.

How much time a portable dehumidifier will take to reduce humidity?

This is very subjective questions. time taken by dehumidifier to reduce humidity is depends on site conditions. Every site is different. If site is very damp due to water flood then it might take in weeks. But in normal home application you can feel reduction of humidity within few hours working of dehumidifier.

FAQ regarding Portable Dehumidifier for home.

These are set of question which frequently asked regarding portable dehumidifier when client wants to buy unit for his home. Some of these questions are as follow:

Will dehumidifier remove bad smell from my house?

Yes dehumidifier will help to remove bad smell from house. Bad smell basically due to dampness ion cloths, carpet etc. When dehumidifier works it make environment dry which makes carpet and cloth dry too.

What dehumidifier capacity I need?

For home use you can select required dehumidifier capacity by following Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) dehumidifier sizing chart. This chart basically helps you to identify humidity conditions (Extremely wet, very wet, extremely damp and very damp) depending on very common symptoms. And then on basis of floor area you can select required capacity of dehumidifier.

Where should I keep dehumidifier in home for quick effect?

As long as air conditioner is common in your whole house it does not matter where you place dehumidifier. However if specific area of your house is more damp then it is recommended to place dehumidifier at that place. for example crawl space dehumidifier should be palace in basement. For better effect and silent operation you can install small ducted dehumidifier which also called as whole house dehumidifier.

Does 25 liter dehumidifier removed 25 liter water from air?

It depends. If your home has very high humidity level then it can remove up to its full capacity. But if humidity is not available to that extend then dehumidifier can not remove water to its full capacity.

Does dehumidifier helps to fight against allergies?

Yes very much. High humidity at homes can cause various types of allergies. High humidity conditions are excellent for development and growth of molds and fungus. Spore of mold and fungus can enter into our respiratory organs through breathing and can cause diseases. Dehumidifier help reduce humidity and hence mold and fungus get vanish.

Faqs regarding portable room dehumidifier supplier in UAE.


Whole house dehumidifier feature & benefits analysis.

Whole house dehumidifier is one of the good option for dehumidification of whole house with single compact dehumidifier. This is recommended for houses located in warm cities along the sea shore. In Dubai, generally portable dehumidifier are use at home to counter high humidity during few months of years. But with changing in trends, all new villas are including this ducted dehumidifier which also called as whole home dehumidifier as part of HVAC system. There are certain benefits and disadvantages of using single dehumidifying unit for whole house. Lets explore unit features and advantages of this central dehumidifier.

Whole home ducted dehumidifier description.

This is single compact dehumidifier look like single box. This unit has two holes from opposite sides. Some of dehumidifier has third hole which is use to take fresh air from outside. One hole acts ad inlet which generally provided with filter. Filter can be normal or G4 efficiency filter or charcoal filter to make unit as dehumidifier air purifier combo unit. Other hole acts as outlet. Unit provided with drainage point to drain out condensate water.  Few dehumidifier manufacturers offers built in dehumidifier pump  to flush out condensate water. Inside this ventilating dehumidifier, evaporative and condenser coil provided with compressor and condensate tray. Unit provided with control buttons like on/off, dehumidification on/off. Some of unit provided without humidistat which mean dehumidifier will run continuously and user can not set humidity level and few provided with it. Some of unit offer option of duct mount humidistat connection point. This unit can be place of floor or table and it can be suspended from ceiling or mount on wall.

How Whole house compact dehumidifier works?

This inline duct dehumidifier can be installed in different configuration. It can be connected with air intel from and outlet to main return duct or it can be connected with air intake from and outlet to main supply duct. But most common configuration use is installing in parallel with air conditioner unit. Which mean this duct mounted dehumidifier take air from main return duct and through dry outlet air into main supply duct. Backdraft damper recommended to install at outlet duct of dehumidifier to avoid reverse flow of air from main supply duct into dehumidifier unit.

Humid return air from main return duct enters into dehumidifier. With help of condenser coil humidity from return air condensate into water and accumulated in drain tray from where it drained out. Dry air then pushed back intro supply duct which reduces overall humidity level.

Advantages and disadvantages of this Central Dehumidifier.

One of the major advantages of small ducted dehumidifier is that you need not to for separate traditional portable dehumidifier for each room. Single central dehumidifier will cover whole house. Other advantages is about getting rid of emptying condensate tank every day in case of portable unit. Whole home dehumidifier is directly connected to drainage pipe for continuous drainage.  Central dehumidifier cost is nearly same if you consider total cost of units provided to each room. But running cost of this commercial ducted dehumidifier is high. Also if air conditioner is not in operation, dehumidifier also will stop working.

While buying central dehumidification unit two major things you should take care of. First is unit should have lowest power consumption. This is very important since whole house dehumidification unit runs continuously unlike a portable dehumidifier. Hence you should buy certified energy efficient unit only. Secondly operation sound of unit. If unit is large operating sound then it will make your life miserable. This sound will travel to all corners of your home along with air.

Whole house inline duct dehumidifier by CtrlTech.

CtrlTech offers SPD series whole house dehumidifier in UAE. Units available from capacity of 56 to 600 liters per day. It is suitable for small two bedroom villa to large auditorium. Quite energy efficient operation is USP of SPD series dehumidifiers. Unit provided with high quality G4 efficiency filter at inlet. Unit works on condensation principle as that of other central dehumidification units in market.

To know more about these whole house ducted dehumidifier, please contact us.