Pool dehumidification with a dehumidifier for the indoor pool room.

Pool dehumidification system calculation for indoor pool room needs expertise. Also, selecting the right type of indoor pool room dehumidifier is essential. In this article, we will discuss factors affecting swimming pool dehumidifier calculation. If the indoor swimming pool has oversized, then it will increase the initial cost. Also, it will increase the recurring operating expenses.

If indoor pool dehumidifier has downsized, then performance gets compromised. Hence, the dehumidifiers for indoor pool rooms should size in the right way. It should consider various factors which we are going to discuss in this article.

Why pool dehumidification system?

The above question is ubiquitous, that has answered many times in this blog. To be precise, only the indoor pool room need humidity control. In the indoor swimming pool, a large water surface gets exposed to indoor air. When air passed over this water, then humidity level of air increases. Thus, this evaporation increases the humidity level. Hence, pool humidity control equipment needed. This machine called a dehumidifier.

CtrlTech offers various types of dehumidifiers for the indoor pool room. The pool dehumidification system helps to reduce humidity in the indoor pool area.

Benefits of pool dehumidification.

High humidity in the pool area causes lots of issues for you and your property. Recently we visited an indoor pool at a private villa in Jumeirah, Dubai. As soon as we entered the pool room, we noticed the bad smell. This smell was evidence that the indoor pool room dehumidifier not installed there.

The owner spends enormous money to decorate the ceiling and wall. But due to high humidity, there were yellow spots on ceiling and wall. The plaster of the wall was pilling over. The legs of the metal chairs placed in that indoor pool room rusted. Hence, these were symptoms of the absence of a pool dehumidification system.

More than infrastructure, we should be more concerned about damage to our health. Also, the effect of high humidity on our health will not be that noticeable, but yet it is there. High moisture is tonic for mold and fungus. If spores of mold get inhaled by us, then it can damage our respiratory system. You will get exposed to many types of allergies.

Factors affecting indoor pool room dehumidifier capacity.

Indoor swimming pool dehumidifier.

You can find many online calculators for an indoor pool room dehumidifier. But with these, you can not size swimming pool dehumidifier since each pool site is unique. And, every pool site needs a different approach altogether. Yet, if you like to calculate size roughly, then you need to consider the significant factors. These factors affect swimming pool dehumidifier calculation.

Factors of the indoor pool room.

Let’s see these factors one by one:

Indoor swimming pool size.

Humidity added by the pool has a direct relation to the pool area. If the pool surface area is more, then the rate of evaporation will be more. Hence, you need a higher capacity of the dehumidifier for the indoor pool room

Pool water temperature.

If swimming pool water is hot, then evaporation will take place at a high rate. And thus, the humidity level in the indoor pool room will increase. In short, the humidity in the pool room is directly proportional to water temperature. And hence, the capacity of indoor pool dehumidifier.

Indoor pool room Temperature.

Dehumidification at lower temperature needs a high capacity dehumidifier. Also, if the room is too cold and the swimming pool water is too hot, then the evaporation will be more. Hence, you need a higher capacity pool dehumidification machine.

Activity factor.

It is the most significant number of occupants in the pool at any given time. If the number of occupants in the room, then humidity generated by their body will be high. As a result, it will contribute to the humidity level of the room. Depending on the type activity factor will change. Types of the pool are private pool, hotel pool, sports complex pool, and therapy pool.

SPD dehumidifier for the indoor pool room.

Indoor pool room dehumidifier to reduce humidity.

CtrlTech offers SPD series special dehumidifiers for indoor pool room applications. It is a ducted type unit with an inlet and outlet duct. This unit either can be wall-mounted, or it can be ceiling suspended. The user gets an LCD controller along with this pool dehumidification unit. The user can select the required humidity level.

This compact dehumidifier is suitable to use as central unit for whole house.

How to install the SPD pool dehumidification?

The unit can connect as independent, or it can connect with the AC duct. We can install it in parallel with supply or return duct with damper at the input. Also, this unit can use to add dehumidified fresh air from outside. Hence, it is use as a boat dehumidifier also. This unit is easy to install. To install this unit, we need to follow three simple steps.

Firstly, mount unit either wall mount or ceiling mount. Second, connect the single-phase power supply available at the indoor pool room. Power consumption is very less. Also, join the drainage point to drain connection. During dehumidification, the unit will convert humidity from air into water. Hence, this water needs to flow out through this point.

Third, connect the controller to the unit with the help of a particular socket provided. From this controller, the user can set the required humidity level.

Operation of indoor pool room dehumidifier.

The unit has full automatic functions. This dehumidifier will run till room moisture reduce to set humidity level. Once room humidity equals set humidity, the dehumidifier will switch off the compressor. In consequence, it saves power. If the humidity level again increases, then again, the dehumidifier will start itself.

We, CtrlTech dehumidifier Dubai offer drying solutions for pools. Also, they offer the home dehumidifier and FD30E portable units. If you like to know more about the pool dehumidification unit, then please contact us.

Swimming pool dehumidifier in UAE & Saudi Arabia.

The swimming pool dehumidifier is one of the must-have equipment. And, when it comes to the indoor swimming pools then, you can not avoid it. The installation of a dehumidifier for swimming pools brings lots of benefits. Indoor pool rooms offer the ultimate luxury to your family. But, we need to plan to counter high humidity generated pool water. With the help of a pool dehumidification system, we can reduce humidity.

If indoor pool room dehumidifier is not installed, then it can damage your property. High humidity is fertilizer for the production of mold and fungi. Spores of mold can enter into our body along with breathing. Thus, it can cause respiratory deceases.

How to choose dehumidifiers for the Swimming pool?

Preferably, a swimming pool dehumidifier should consider at the pool contraction stage itself. You should plan with your architect and MEP contractor. And, select the right type and location of the pool dehumidification unit. Consider some crucial points while choosing dehumidifiers.

Swimming pool dehumidifier calculation.

Firstly, as most important to select proper indoor pool dehumidifier sizing. For this, you can take the help of a dehumidifier supplier. Detail site study will help the supplier to do the right dehumidifier calculation. Pool size, water temperature affects dehumidifier capacity. Hence, these factors should consider while sizing of the pool dehumidifier.

Types of dehumidifier for swimming pools.

As a second step, you need to decide the type of dehumidifier. Ceiling mount duct dehumidifiers often use in indoor pools. Floor mount & wall mount type available in the market. Depending on your pool area you need to select the right type of unit. Hence, you can achieve high performance out of it.

Floor mount

If your indoor pool room area is vast then you can go for a floor mount dehumidifier. These are cheap and offer the best performance. But, the only disadvantage of floor mount units is that it occupies space in your pool room. If you have done good interior decoration in the pool area then the floor-mount unit might not suit.

Wall mount

Wall mount swimming pool dehumidifier is suitable for small pools. For example, residential pools are often small in size. In such cases, we need to consider wall mount dehumidifier. A disadvantage of wall mount dehumidifiers is that it is available in low capacity only. Hence, for big size indoor pool, you need to go for many units. As a result, it will increase your budget.

Duct dehumidifier.

Duct units are the most suitable unit for the indoor swimming pool. If a swimming pool is under construction then you should plan a duct type unit. Keep some parts of the ceiling with a false ceiling so that this type of unit can install above it.

This ducted type pool dehumidification unit can connect to the AC duct. It can connect in the supply duct or return duct. Also, it can also use to dehumidify fresh air. We offer SPD series duct swimming pool dehumidifier.

CtrlTech dehumidifier for swimming pool.

CtrlTech is an obvious choice as a supplier for a dehumidifier in UAE. They offer all kinds of swimming pool dehumidifiers. Some of their models are as follow:

  • DRY & WMD series wall mount unit to save space.
  • FSD series floor mount system to reduce humidity in large pools.
  • SPD duct dehumidifier for swimming pools.
  • CD series portable unit to save cost.

If you have any queries, then please contact the CtrlTech dehumidifier Dubai. CtrlTech always recommends a ducted dehumidifier for your indoor swimming pool. In the coming article, we will discuss the advantage of a ducted room dehumidifier. We will compare it with other types of swimming pool dehumidifier

Swimming pool dehumidifier supplier selection.

Consider experience, service and installation base of supplier while selection. The number of active customers they are serving is an important factor. You should ask the supplier for their customer list. And try to get feedback from their client about product and service.

While enquiring about the dehumidifier, you should ready with basic data. An expert supplier should ask you the pool size, and water temperature. Always check the dehumidifier price from three different suppliers.

If a supplier offers you a dehumidifier without enquiring then you should get alert. This supplier is trying to only sell his product without correct sizing. Hence, it is better to look for another supplier. CtrlTech offers a swimming pool dehumidifier after a detailed site study. Besides, they use their experience before offering you a solution.

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