Mini Dehumidifier which is compact & small.

A mini dehumidifier makes much sense when it comes to micro spaces. Many times at our homes, we found high humidity at tiny places instead. For example, areas like bathrooms, cupboards, and below the washbasin. Buying a compact dehumidifier for such use will save money. CtrlTech offers CD12L small dehumidifier with twelve liters per day capacity.

It often observed that we get a lousy smell from the closet. This because of wetness in cloths which cause due to high humidity. Fixing large capacity units in the wardrobe is not practical affairs. Hence, there is a need for some small capacity mini portable dehumidifiers.

These compact dehumidifiers are enough to counter humidity levels. This article explains how to select a compact size mini dehumidifier. Also, we will discuss its types and benefits.

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Why mini air dehumidifier needed?

The need for a compact dehumidifier is due to space restriction. As mentioned before, there are many examples of why we can’t use the high capacity unit. For instance, RV has limited spaces in it. Each machine in RVs selected considering its size and its weight. The yacht prefers stuff with compact size, and that has a low weight.

Considering the room size of RVs, twenty liters of small compact dehumidifiers will be accessed. At the same time, it will not fit in the criteria of size and weight required. Hence, there is a special mini dehumidifier that has developed.

On holiday cruises, the guest room usually very compact. Besides, these rooms and bathrooms on cruises always have high humidity. It is due to proximity to the sea. We need to fix a dehumidifier in these rooms and bathrooms.

Types of the compact dehumidifier.

There are three types of dehumidifiers. These are non-rechargeable, chargeable, and electric best compact dehumidifiers.

Non-rechargeable dehumidifier unit.

These are silica bags which use to reduce wetness. Bags contain silica gel in the form of granular and porous. In other words, silica gel is a form of silicon dioxide and cate. These bags act as a mini dehumidifier. Silica gel has a desiccant property. It means it can absorb moisture from the air.

Due to it’s this quality, mini desiccant dehumidifier used to reduce humidity. But once silica gel bags absorb wetness, it can not reuse. Yet, many reuse these bags by drying in sunlight.

Rechargeable mini dehumidifier.

These small compact dehumidifiers also consist of silica gel. But, packed in an attractive plastic container to recharge. It revived by heating silica gel to remove humidity absorbed by it. These units also called as wireless dehumidifier since it doesn’t need electric supply.

Once a mini portable dehumidifier absorbs humidity to its full capacity, it shows a red sign. The red LED shows that silica gel in it has no more capacity to absorb more moisture. As a result, it needs to dry. To dry silica gel, units connected to the electric supply. The heater inside the unit evaporates moisture from silica gel and make it reusable.

Electric dehumidifier.

Electrical mini size compact dehumidifier.

This small dehumidifier needs to connect always to the electric supply. But, the power consumption of this unit is negligible. Some of the systems can even run on batteries. Due to its working principle, it also calls as Thermoelectric or Peltier dehumidifier.

This mini dehumidifier consists of a Peltier module. This module sandwiched between two heat sinks. Electricity applied to these modules. Hence, it creates temperature differences on both sinks. When humid air passes over cold heat sinks, it gets condensation. And, humidity gets removed in the form of water. This type of unit also uses as a boat dehumidifier.

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Advantages of the mini dehumidifier.

Few advantages of compact dehumidifier area as follow:

  • Small size dehumidifiers are very compact. Hence, it is suitable to place in crawl spaces. Due to its compact size, it can incorporate in RVs and boats.
  • Mini dehumidifier does not contain compressor or desiccant wheels. Thus, it is very light in weight.
  • A crawl space central dehumidifier consumes less electric power. In short, it is insignificant as compared to the compressor dehumidifier.

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Name of product: Industrial dehumidifier

Model: CD-85L
Brand Name: CtrlTech Dehumidifier UAE.

Price: AED 7900.00
Availability: In Stock.

Item condition: New
Product ID: CD0085UAE-010116-790-W715

Rating: 4.0
Votes: 201,167


CD-85L is an industrial mini dehumidifier. It has an extraction capacity of 85 liters per day. This commercial dehumidifier has a hygrometer. Hence, it can display room humidity on its panel.

Durable wheel and push handle provided. And, it makes it an industrial portable dehumidifier. The unit fitted with a dehumidifier pump. In consequence, the system can push condensate over height. Intake of humid air from the front side. And, discharge is from the backside. CtrlTech also offers mini dehumidifiers for home, offices and mini dehumidifier for grow tent.

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FAQs About Compact Mini Dehumidifier:

How do you use a small dehumidifier?

Small dehumidifiers are plug and play device. The electric dehumidifier has the facility to set humidity. Once it is set, the unit works automatically. It turns on or off itself depending on the set humidity level. Also, when tanks get full, it will generate an audio-visual alarm.

What are the types of a compact dehumidifier?

These are mainly three types. Tradition white-colored bags consisting of silica gel are called non-rechargeable dehumidifiers. It is a one-time use method. Also, there is a rechargeable system that can reactivate silica gel by heating it with electricity. And the last one is an electrical dehumidifier, which consists of a compressor and coils.

Are compact dehumidifiers best?

A compact dehumidifier is the best solution for tiny places like bathrooms, wardrobes, lockers, etc. It is the cheapest solution, but it has a slow effect. 

What are the advantages of a mini dehumidifier?

Some of the advantages of mini dehumidifiers are as mentioned below.

  1. It is very compact and light. Thus, suitable to use in small places like yachts, RVs, and boats.
  2. It is compact hence saves space.
  3. Mini dehumidifiers are noiseless.
  4. Also, it is energy efficient.

How dehumidifier is different than a humidifier?

Both dehumidifiers and humidifiers are adverse to each other. A humidifier increases air humidity by adding water fog into the air. On the other hand, a dehumidifier separates the moisture from the air and reduces the humidity level of the space.

Is the dehumidifier and air purifier is same?

No, both are very much different. There is no similarity in both. An air purifier’s prime function is to remove impurities from the air and create a healthy atmosphere. The sole objective of a dehumidifier is to remove water content from the air and reduce the space’s humidity.

Duct dehumidifier

The ducted whole house dehumidifier is one of the good options for dehumidification. It is a single compact dehumidifier for the entire house. This central dehumidifier recommended for houses located in seashore cities like Dubai. Generally, a portable unit used at home to counter high humidity. Especially, during May to August months of years. It is a duct dehumidifier connected to HVAC.

But with changing trends, new villas like to install this ducted dehumidifier. A whole-home unit can be part of the AC system. There are benefits and cons of using the single dehumidifying unit for the total house. Let’s explore duct mounted dehumidifier unit features and pros of this central dehumidifier.

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Check the video to know more about Duct Dehumidifier

Ducted whole house dehumidifier description.

This is a single compact dehumidifier that looks like a single box. This unit has two holes from opposite sides. Some of the dehumidifiers have the third hole which used to take fresh air from outside. One hole acts as inlet which generally provided with a filter.

A filter can be a normal or G4 efficiency filter or charcoal filter. Hence, it makes the unit a dehumidifier air purifier combo unit. Another hole acts as an outlet. The duct dehumidifier provided with drainage point to drain out condensate water. Few dehumidifier manufacturers offer a built-in dehumidifier pump. Hence, it can flush out condensate water at height.

Construction of compact dehumidifier.

SPD ducted dehumidifier for whole house.

This ventilating dehumidifier has an evaporative and condenser coil. As usual, compressor and condensate tray also part of this unit. The unit provided with control buttons like on/off & fan speed. Some of the units provided without a humidistat.

As a result, the user can set the required humidity level. Besides, humidistat triggers on and off of the unit as per set humidity level. Some of the central air duct dehumidifiers offer the option of a duct mount humidistat. It connected eighter to the supply or to the return duct of AC. The whole house dehumidifier can place on a floor or suspend from the ceiling. Also, this unit can mount on the wall.

How does this ducted dehumidifier work?

This in duct dehumidifier can install in six configurations. It can connect in parallel with supply or return duct. This means, intake and discharge to the same duct. But the most common configuration use is installing in parallel with the AC unit.

Inlet of a compact dehumidifier connected to return duct. And, dry air from unit discharge into the supply duct. Backdraft damper recommended installing at outlet duct of a dehumidifier. So, it avoids the reverse flow of air into the whole house dehumidifier.

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The process inside the Ducted Whole house dehumidifier.

Humid return air from the main return duct enters into the dehumidifier. Thereafter, this air passed over the condenser coil. At this point, moisture from the return air condensate into water. And condensate water gets accumulated in the drain tray. The dry air then pushed back into the supply duct which reduces humidity level.

Ducted dehumidifier installation procedure.

First, need to select the right place to install the unit. Two this needs to keep in mind while deciding the location. Most important, the dehumidifier duct length should have as short as possible. Above all, there should be clearances for maintenance. Installation is very simple. You need to do only three connections only. Do power, drainage and humidistat connection and start the unit.

Advantages and disadvantages of this Central Dehumidifier.

Every coin has two sides. It also trues in case of a compact dehumidifier also. Understanding the pros and cons help you to make a better decision.

Pros to notice.

Central dehumidifier which compact in size.

One of the major advantages of a Whole house dehumidifier is you get rid of many portable units. Otherwise, you need to have a separate dehumidifier for each room. A single central dehumidifier will cover the whole house. 

Another advantage is about getting rid of the hassle of emptying tanks. In the case of a portable unit, you need to empty a tank regular basis. A compact dehumidifier connected to the drainage pipe for continuous drainage. Also, due to its ducted structure, it can use as a boat dehumidifier.

Cons of a central dehumidifier.

The entire house dehumidifier cost is higher than the portable unit. The total cost of the units in each room will be high. To clarify, the running cost of this commercial dehumidifier is high. Also, if AC is not in operation then a central dehumidifier will stop working.

Important features.

Buying the central dehumidification unit is a task. Make sure that the unit has these four major features.

First is a unit should have low power consumption. In other words, it should be energy efficient. This is very important since the whole house dehumidifier always on. It is unlike a portable dehumidifier. Hence you should buy a certified energy-efficient unit only.

The unit should have low noise during operation. If the unit is noisy then it will make your life miserable. This sound will travel to all corners of your home along with the AC duct.

The ducted dehumidifier should have a compact size. Hence, the unit will have more maintenance space.

The system should have the facility to connect remote humidistat. For example, the SPD series unit provided with wall mount LCD humidistat.

Whole house inline duct dehumidifier by CtrlTech.

CtrlTech offers the SPD series a whole house dehumidifier in Dubai. The SPD series is available from a capacity of 56 to 600 liters per day. It is suitable for a small two-bedroom villa to a large auditorium.

Quietness & energy-efficient operation is the USP of the SPD series. The unit provided with a quality G4 efficiency filter at the inlet. This system works on the condensation principle. In most of the villas in Palm Jumeirah, it is used as a home dehumidifier.

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 FAQs About Duct Dehumidifier:

What is a ducted dehumidifier?

The duct dehumidifier has the facility to connect it to the AC ducting. Its collars make connection easy. If often supplied with an external controller while unit mounted above a false ceiling or on the roof. There are different methods to install this system.

How to connect duct mount dehumidifier to air conditioning duct?

The different configurations are as follows.

  1. In series with supply or return duct.
  2. In parallel with the central supply duct of the AC.
  3. In parallel with the central return duct of the AC.
  4. Between the main supply and return duct.
  5. At the inlet of the fresh air duct.

3, Explain inline duct dehumidifier configuration?

In this installation method, a ducted dehumidifier is connected in series with an HVAC duct. Thus, inline dehumidifiers are of high airflow capacity. 

This configuration is suitable for cleanrooms and laboratories where there is 100% air extract.

Does the dehumidifier include duct mount collars?

Yes, each unit is fitted with collars as a standard accessory. However, for custom duct size, collars need to order separately.

Which is the best duct dehumidifier model?

Some of the top-rated duct dehumidifiers are as follow

  1. CtrlTech make SPD-136Lprilaire
  2. DRY series by Microwell
  3. Model 1830 by Aprilaire 
  4. DryAire
  5. Honeywell Home-Resideo

Where duct dehumidifiers get used?

Duct mount dehumidifiers are preferred in the following areas.

  1. Indoor swimming pool rooms.
  2. Warehouses.
  3. Cold rooms.
  4. Jacuzzi and Spa.
  5. Laboratories and cleanrooms.

Dehumidifier reviews; Mini Peltier dehumidifier.

In this article, we will do dehumidifier reviews. Especially, Peltier effect based dehumidifier. These units often call as Peltier or thermo-electric. This model favorite choice of first-time buyers due to its attractive price. And it is useful but for small spaces too.

Many Peltier effect based unit is amongst the top ten dehumidifiers. It always gets the best reviews from reviewers. We will compare this dehumidification unit with a traditional compressor-based system. Please note, compressor dehumidifier works on the condensation principle. Let’s start Peltier dehumidifier reviews.

Dehumidifier review.

As mentioned before unit works on the Peltier effect. It is nothing but the creation of temperature difference. This unit consists of two heat sink joined by the Peltier module. To clarify, these two heat sink made up of different metals. The voltage applied to two different types of metal joined to each other.

When the electric voltage applied then one metal becomes hot and others become cold. In other words, this creates a temperature difference between the two sinks. The process also called a thermos electric effect. Because it relates temperature with electricity.

When humid air passes over the cold metal surface, moisture gets condensed. After that, dry air pushed out. Also, read dehumidifier reviews for other CtrlTech models in our blog.

Components of Peltier dehumidifier.

A Peltier model consists of the following parts:

  • Two heat sink made up of different materials. It named as a cold side heat sink and hot side heat sink.
  • A Peltier module which sandwiched between two heat sink to apply voltage.
  • A fan which pulls humid air and pushes dry air.
  • Electric circuitry, switches, and casing.

Dehumidifier review; How it works?

Peltier dehumidifier module.

When you start this unit the fan pulls humid air into the unit. Thereafter, this air first encountered by cold heat sink where dehumidification takes place. Moisture present in humid air is condensate into water. This process is like that of the condensation process in a room dehumidifier. Minimal components reduce its cost and hence helps to get good dehumidifier reviews.

Cold sink in Peltier dehumidifier act as the evaporator coil. The cold heat sink designed with a smooth surface. It grooved so that condensate water gets falls into the tank placed below the cold heat sink. After condensation, humid air converted into dry air. From there on, it passed over hot heat sink and pushed outside.

Pros & Cons of Peltier dehumidifier.

The Peltier types of dehumidifiers have lightweight. Hence, it is suitable to use as a boat dehumidifier. Also, due to its silent operation, it uses as a home dehumidifier too. Let’s understand the advantages and disadvantages of Peltier type units.

Advantages that help to get dehumidifier reviews.

Low Price;

The Price of Peltier dehumidifier less than the condensation-based system. But if you are going to buy this dehumidifier for a large room then you are going to wast money.

Quiet Operation;

This unit does not contain any noise-making or rotating parts. Hence, the operation of this unit is very silent. But due to its low price, the quality of the fan used is not good. It makes noise over a period of time.

Low Power consumption;

Power consumption is minimal. The unit runs of DC voltage. Overage power consumption if only 22 to 50 watts only.

The above advantages are the main reasons behind its good dehumidifier reviews.

Disadvantages of Peltier dehumidifier.

Low Dehumidification Power;

The Extraction capacity of these units is between 0.5 to 1.25 pint per day only. For sure, this capacity is very less compared to compressor dehumidifiers. Hence, Peltier dehumidifier is suitable for small spaces only. For example, spaces like the bathroom & cupboards. If you buy this system for big spaces then you will get disappointed. For large spaces, we need a commercial dehumidifier.

Quality & Reliability;

As per the working principle design, it is a reliable product. But, low-quality fan, heat sink, and switches make it the most unreliable unit.

Slow Speed;

The unit equipped a small fan which generally used on a computer. Hence, intake air itself is very less. Actually it is negligible. Due to this dehumidification speed is very slow. Thus, this mini dehumidifier is not at all suitable for large rooms. All this disadvantage will contribute to bad dehumidifier reviews.

CtrlTech Dehumidifiers review.

CtrlTech dehumidifier reviews.

Some of the facts of CtrlTech are as follow:

  • CtrlTech is one of the oldest dehumidifier suppliers.
  • They offer all kinds of dehumidification systems. Thus, it is a one-stop-shop for you.
  • Their product range consists of more than 24 different dehumidifier models.
  • This includes a wall mount, floor mount & duct type. It is suitable for industrial & swimming pools.

Please contact us if you have a query on the dehumidifier review.