Marine dehumidifier; Why it is needed for dehumidification?

High humidity in marine industries can by countered with help of special marine dehumidifier. Growth in marine industries of any country is healthy sign of development on countries trading industries. And if high humidity is becoming hurdle in this growth then it should be removed with efficient and proper technology based dehumidifiers. Marine industries will be always in the vicinity of salty water. Ship during voyage and during construction exposed to high humid air. Metal and costly marine electronic equipment need to protected with good quality boat dehumidifier. In this article we are going to discuss why dehumidifiers are needed in marine industries and which parts of boat needs much more attention.

Why dehumidifiers needed for marine industries?

Marine cargo shipping is one of the most economical and fastest way of transporting furnished good from one part of world to other. Large sea port are equally important for export based economy as manufacturing industries. One of the important catalyst in rapid growth of China was their efficient, economical and reliable marine transport faculty. Whenever large cargo ship transports goods from one port to other, at destination port after unloading of cargo ship get washed. If weather condition is not supportive then drying of these ship takes more time and hence it can cause heavy commercial loss. Marine dehumidifier can if installed in wet areas can help to dry ship quickly.

Most of special cargos need low humidity environment duding transition period. Boat storage dehumidifier are generally use to avoid condensation. If cargo is colder than moist air inside cargo storage then condensation of humidity can happen. And since humidity during voyage is always higher due to vicinity of sea, water generated due to condensation is substantially higher which can damage any cargo physically. In addition to this some of the special cargo like tobacco, some chemical materials, automobiles need low humidity environment during transit period.

Modern Shipping vessels are equipped with high quality sensitive electronic equipment and navigation devices. Malfunctioning in these devices will not only cause transient delay but also can be threat to safety of vessel. Many time malfunctioning of these devices are caused due to high humidity. High humidity can change reading of many sensors, or it can damage electronics due to condensation water. For example it is highly recommended to have marine dehumidifier in deck area where all electronics and navigation equipment are installed. Pump room in ship should have powerful industrial dehumidifier should be use to remove high humidity due to sea shore air and due ton water work inside pump room.

During sailing of cargo ship or luxury cruise, making pleasant cabins for staff and tourist is very important. Due to intake of high humid air in cabins, often cabins becomes very humid. Hence for cabin a boat dehumidifier or marine dehumidifier 12V DC should be provided. In all luxury cruise you will find dehumidifier for boat cabin are provided.

During regular maintenance of ship and oil storage tanks or container go through sandblasting & coating/painting operation. During these processes it need 100% fresh air from outside. If humidity is higher in fresh air then it can cause problem in adhesion and corrosion. Hence large ducted dehumidification equipment  are use to supply dry dehumidified air.

Features that Boat Dehumidifier should have.

Marine dehumidification equipment should have following features:

  • Light Weight: Dehumidifier should have light weight for easy transportation.
  • Compact Size: Considering very small deck and cabins, Dehumidifier should have compact size possible.
  • Wheels: Portable dehumidifier should not have wheels since it can move during shock due to voyage. Even if units provided with wheels then those wheel should be lockable.
  • Energy Efficiency: Ships are equipped with limited source of power. Dehumidification unit should be energy efficient.
  • Pump and continuous drainage: Dehumidifier should have facility to connect hose pipe for continuous drainage and it should be equipped with drainage pump.
  • Portability: Marine dehumidifier should have handle on both side for carry.