Boat dehumidifier for yacht & marine use.

Boat dehumidifier is a must-have equipment for yacht and marine use. During winter, the temperature gets drops and humidity increases. Thus, marine dehumidifier should use to protect your boat. CtrlTech offers the best boat dehumidifier in Dubai. Also, many marine applications need a low humidity environment. Yacht dehumidifier for shipbuilding industries used. Caravan and RVs need protection from high humidity during winter.

A marine dehumidifier can use to counter the effect of humidity in the marine industry. Growth in the maritime sectors of any country reflects its prosperity. It is a healthy sign of development in countries trading industries. And if high humidity is becoming a hurdle in the growth, then it should take care. And an efficient boat dehumidifier can your reliable tool. 

Marine industries will always be in the vicinity of salty water. Ship during the voyage and construction exposed to high humid air. Metal and costly marine electronics need to protected with boat dehumidifiers. In this article, we will discuss why dehumidifiers required for the boat, RVs & marine? 

Why Boat Dehumidifier?

Boat, yacht, RVs, and Caravan are very dear to most of their owner. It is more than a piece fo machine to most of them. The costly interior is an integral part of a luxury yacht. Boat and yacht always exposed to salty water and hence vapors. When it sails in water or when parked, humid air enters into it. Since boats have tiny spaces, this humidity gets tramped. And need to remove with the help of a boat dehumidifier. 

Boat dehumidifier for marine, yacht and caravan.

During winter, when the temperature is low, humidity trapped inside boats get condensed. Yacht fitted with equipment, fixture, electronics, and gadget. Thus, condensation can damage these fittings. More than during sailing, moisture can hamper boats when it parked. This statement is true for Caravan and RVs. 

It required to install a yacht dehumidifier and run it for a few hours during winter. Most of the dehumidification system designed for boats has automatic operations. It means, once the user sets the required humidity level, it will turn on or off itself as per set humidity level. 

Marine Dehumidifier.

One of the fasted ways of transporting goods is maritime shipping. It is the cheapest mode of transporting goods from one part of the world to another. Likewise, manufacturing, large seaports are crucial for the export-based economy. One of the vital catalysts in the rapid growth of China was its maritime industry. They created an efficient, cheap, and reliable marine transport. In other words, the marine industry became the backbone of every economy. Hence, a marine dehumidifier should use to protect ships from high moisture. Boat dehumidifier systems can apply for the following activities.

Boat dehumidifier for ship washing.

Whenever cargo ships transport goods, then it needs to clean. Hence at destination port after unloading of cargo ship get washed. During winter, then the drying of these ship takes more time. As a result, it can cause commercial losses. Besides, the humidity level inside the washed vessel gets increased. High moisture can damage the ship with corrosion. Hence, boat dehumidifier should use to dry the boat.

Humidity sensitive cargo. 

Most of the special cargos need low humidity during the transition period. Boat storage dehumidifier generally used to avoid condensation. For example, drugs need low humidity storage during transportation. If the container gets cold, then moist air inside cargo can get condensed. 

Sea Freight always exposed to a humid environment. Hence, there is a high possibility of more humidity in the boat storage area. This high moisture can condense into physical water. This condensation water can damage cargo. Point to note that, tobacco, chemical, and drug cargo needs boat dehumidifier.

Marine dehumidifier and Navigation system.

Marine dehumidifier for Boat, yacht and RVs.

Several electronics fitted inside a vessel. This gadget is sensitive to humidity. Failure in the navigation system can stall the boat middle of the sea. Above all, the safety of humans is paramount. High moisture can change readings of sensors. For example, it recommended having a marine dehumidifier in the deck. To clarify, the ship deck fitted with many meters.
A pump room of the ship should have a durable dehumidifier. It is always a high humid area inside a boat.

Luxury yacht dehumidifier.

Charming cabins are USPs of any yacht or luxury cruise. Distinguished guests and tourists pay for it. The intake of high humid air in rooms can spoil the party. Hence for cabins, boat dehumidifiers should install.

Yacht and cruise fitted with wood and painting. High moisture can cause damage costly interior of a boat. 

The yacht is all about luxury and a good time. Hence, cruise companies spend millions of dollars on yacht dehumidifiers.

Dehumidifiers for boat maintenance.

Ships, boats, and yacht need regular maintenance. Especially, maintenance of the oil storage tank. During maintenance, it goes through sandblasting, coating, and painting. During this process, 100% outside fresh air needed. If this air contains humidity, then it will affect the paint. Also, it can cause corrosion. To avoid it, outside fresh air passed through marine dehumidifiers. These are the desiccant based dehumidification system.

Boat Dehumidifier ASE 300 made in Germany.

Features that Boat Dehumidifier should have.

Marine dehumidification equipment should have the following features:

  • Light Weight; Dehumidifier should have lightweight for easy transportation.
  • Compact Size; Deck and cabins always tiny in size. Thus, a dehumidifier should have a compact possible.
  • Wheel; Portable dehumidifiers should not use in boats. If at all, it should have lockable wheels. It will avoid wheels since it can move during shock due to voyage.
  • Autostart on power outage; Dehumidifier stops where there are power glitches. But it must autostart when power gets restored. It should not need any manual reset.
  • Energy Efficient; Ships equipped with limited power capacity. Hence boat dehumidifier should be energy efficient.
  • Condensate pump; Dehumidifier should have the facility to connect the hose pipe. The built-in drainage pump will help to push water at a high level.
  • Corrosion proof; Marine equipment always exposed to dry and humid air. Dehumidifier body casing made up of stainless steel. Evaporative and condenser coil should have a copper pipe. It is a crucial aspect to avoid corrosion.
  • Handle and fixing; Marine dehumidifier should have a handle on for carrying. It must readymade attached to the ceiling or the wall.

Types of Marine dehumidifiers.

Boat dehumidifiers are of two types—classification based on the technology behind dehumidification. Let’s discuss these two categories.

Desiccant dehumidifier.

It is consists of the silica gel base over which humid air passed. Silica gel has a natural tendency to absorb humidity from the air. Some of the features are as follow:

  • It is easy to install.
  • This type of boat dehumidifier can work both; at low and high temperatures.
  • Unit needs outside dry air as the process in to dry silica gel base.
  • These are expensive machines.
  • Dry air delivered by these machines might be hot.

Compressor dehumidifier.

These type of yacht dehumidifier work on condensation principle. To condense air at the dew point, it needs a refrigeration circuit. So, it fitted with compress, evaporator, and condenser. Humid air passed over the evaporator to convert moisture into water. This water then gets collected in a container.

  • These units are very cheap.
  • It can’t work at low temperatures. Ice will form on its coil at low temperatures.
  • Most of the refrigerant dehumidifiers are portable. It is not suitable for a yacht.

Best Boat Dehumidifier ASE 300.

Yacht dehumidifier to reduce humidity in boat

It is an absorption dehumidifier with a silica gel rotor. It complies with all characteristics of an ideal boat dehumidifier. ASE 300 unit is very light and with a stainless steel casing. Single fan for process and regenerative air makes it energy efficient. A typical application of ASE 300 is for a yacht. It also uses for drying and ventilation of the basement.

Features of ASE yacht dehumidifier.

  • The unit fitted with a hygrometer to set the required humidity level.
  • It fitted with an operating hour counter. This counter helps to calculate the operating cost.
  • ASE unit has a radial fan unit. As a result, this machine becomes energy efficient.
  • Carrying handle made up by rubber.
  • Maintenance is easy. Above all, the rotor easy to removed and clean.
  • The integrated silencer unit makes the unit quite. Hence, it suitable for a luxury yacht.
  • The filter provided at the process air inlet.
  • Four rubber bumpers provided at the bottom.
  • PTC heating element make it safer.

In conclusion, ASE 300 is the best boat dehumidifier for a yacht.

ASE Dehumidifier for boat storage specifications.

  • Model Name; ASE 300
  • Dehumidifying capacity at 20°C / 60% r.h.; 25.7 kg/d.
  • Voltage and Frequency; 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Power consumption; 1040 W (nominal)
  • Liter per kWh; 1.05 l/kWh.

Industrial Dehumidifier Reviews: CD-85L Large Dehumidifier.

CD-85L is portable industrial dehumidifier which has dehumidifying capacity of 85 liters per day. This commercial dehumidifier has LCD humidity control panel. This is commercial duty dehumidifier.

CD-85L Industrial dehumidifier is best selling unit in Middle East. It deserve to get reviewed so that user can knows pros and cons of this model. Lets understand feature,  price and other technical aspects of CD-85L.

In this article we are going to do review of CD-85L commercial dehumidifier. This is offered by Control Technologies in UAE, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. CD-85L is industrial grade commercial dehumidification unit. It has extraction capacity of 85 liters per day. This industrial dehumidifier is one of the bestseller unit of CtrlTech. We going explore its features, specification and Applications.

Description of CD-85L Commercial dehumidifier.

This portable commercial dehumidifier has unique feature of non corrosive casing. It has high quality, impact proof plastic body. Body is made of only two molded panels; front panel and back panel. Strong pneumatic wheels with push handle make this unit extremely portable. Footprint is very small which occupy less space. Unit had built in dehumidifier pump to push condensate water even at 1.5 meter height if required.

Control panel of this heavy duty dehumidifier has LED indications and LCD display. Right side of LCD display always shows current room temperature. Left side of LCD panel shows set humidity level. CD-85L has built in hygrometer. Please note that user can set desired humidity level with help of increase and decrease button provided below LCD panel.  Unit has three LED indications. Purge, Defrosting and power LED indication. When unit powered, power LED will glow red.

Unit has automatic defrosting feature. This means whenever ice is formed on coil of unit, industrial dehumidifiers unit goes on automatic defrosting mode to remove ice on coil.  Dehumidifying efficiency of unit get reduce when ice get form on coil. Purge LED glows whenever unit purges water from its internal reservoir.  By default unit will purge reservoir before switching off this large dehumidifier.

It is always recommended that before transporting unit, you should press purge button manually to empty tank. “T” button is use to know working hours. When you press “T” button once, you can see total working time since it recently switched on. when you press this button two times it will give total working hours during its life time.

How CD-85L Industrial dehumidifier works?

Before switching on unit, you should place dehumidifier correctly for maximum effect. You should keep at least 80 cm clearance at back, 50 cm at front and 30cm on both sides. You should connect drainage pipe properly. Since this is dehumidifier has built in pump, you can take drain pipe at maximum height of 4.5 meters.

Please note that if drainage pipe is place very high or if there is fold in pipe then water back flow can damage pump and dehumidifier will be stop working. Press power button to start  unit. Unit will takes humid air intake from front side. Inlet has removable and washable filter. Unit works on condensation principle hence it is also know as condensation industrial dehumidifier.

Humid air passed over condensate coil where humidity condensate into water.  This condensate water then pushed out with help of drainage pump. Dry air come from backside. Outlet purposely provided with round collar so that flexible duct. Flexible duct is use to deliver dry air to specific direction.  When dehumidifier not in use you can wound drainage pipe and power cable to holder provided at back.

Applications of CD-85L Dry Air dehumidifier.

This unit can be use at any industrial applications. Some of application are as follow:

  1. It can use in medicine storage warehouse. And during manufacturing of pharma product.
  2. Use in food processing and packaging industry.
  3. It is widely use in ship building industry.
  4. It is use in Marin industry.

To know more about CD-85L commercial dehumidifier, please contact us.

Industrial dehumidifier in Dubai, UAE.

Industrial dehumidifier is equipment which use in industrial process and storage to create dry environment to catalyst process and maintain qualities of product.

Many industrial processes need an industrial dehumidifier in UAE. Low humidity required to maintain product quality during manufacturing. Hence, dehumidifiers act as a catalyst. CtrlTech industrial dehumidifier Dubai offers a wide range of the system.

In short, an industrial unit which uses in industrial processes and storage. It helps to create a dry environment to maintain the quality of products.

Benefits of the industrial dehumidifier in Dubai.

Even after production, some furnished products need low humidity storage. An industrial dehumidifier helps create a dry environment. Properties of the product might get a change in a high moisture environment. For example, high moisture in drug production can change the chemical formulation.

Also, in the case of food storage, high humidity can spoil food dut to the formation of fungus. During shipping, goods get exposed to high moisture. Hence, most of the ships have an industrial dehumidifier. CtrlTech industrial dehumidifier UAE offers boat dehumidifier also.

Expensive electronics on the ship can malfunction in a humid environment. As are a result, it can lead to a severe accident. In turn, it will increase voyage time. Rusting of mechanical metal equipment on the ship is a significant concern. It can avoid with an efficient heavy-duty dehumidifier.

What is an industrial type dehumidifier?

Industrial grade dehumidifiers have different specifications than a home dehumidifier. Although, both are working on the same principle. Commercial grade dehumidifier designed for industrial processes and storage applications. These units are generally having an extraction capacity of more than 80 liters per day.

Difference between home & industrial dehumidifier.

CtrlTech is the reliable brand of an industrial dehumidifier in Dubai. Their product gamut includes 26 different models. They manufacture both home and commercial units. Airflow is the significant difference between these two units. An industrial dehumidifier UAE always has vast airflow than the home units.

Type of industrial dehumidifier.

Dehumidifier types based on mountings are Wall mount, portable, and duct. Most of the units work on condensation principle. So, these units remove moisture from the air by condensation. However, cooler places need a desiccant type unit. For example, cold storage rooms need a desiccant dehumidifier.

In such places, we need to go for the desiccant type of units only. These are the two main types of dehumidification units used in industrial applications.

Applications of the industrial dehumidifier in UAE.

Some of the vital application of portable dehumidifier industrial use are as follow:

  • Plane hangers, military equipment storage struggles with corrosion. Hence, industrial units used at these places.
  • Water treatment plants and water pump rooms always have high moisture. Thus, industrial dehumidifiers needed. And, high humidity can corrode pumping and treatment equipment. Hence, the industrial dehumidification system must.
  • Dehumidifier also uses in Datacenter, server room, Telecom room, and control room. It is because high humidity can cause malfunctioning of servers.
  • Also, it used for large Museum and Archive rooms. CtrlTech industrial dehumidifier UAE recently offered such a solution. 
  • Lower humidity always desired in food industries. The ice cream production plat needs a dehumidifier during its product and storage.
  • Dry fruits storage needs low humidity to maintain quality and test of dry fruits.
  • Dubai city always has high humidity due to proximity to the sea. Hence, critical places like ammunition roo need an industrial dehumidifier in Dubai.

CtrlTech industrial dehumidifier Dubai.

CtrlTech industrial dehumidifier UAE is a significant dehumidifier solution provider. They supply products in Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Qatar. Industrial dehumidification division promotes a large number of models. They offer a dehumidifier for every industrial application. Let’s see a brief introduction about these models:

Industrial dehumidifier in UAE by CtrlTech.

CD-85L dehumidifier.

CD-85L is an industrial-grade portable dehumidifier. This unit has an extraction capacity of 85 liters per day. Even though it has luxurious specifications, it is the most affordable industrial unit. Sturdy wheels and non-corrosive casing are unique selling points of this model. On the top, it has an LCD control panel.

It is the first model by CtrlTech industrial dehumidifier Dubai.

CDM-90L industrial dehumidifier UAE.

CDM-90L unit as the dehumidifying capacity of 90 liters per day. The casing made by a strong steel metal sheet. Thus, it can withstand rough use at industrial sites. Above all, this unit has a built-in condensate tank. This unit is also a portable type plug and plays device.

AD 780 German Dehumidifier.

It is Germany made dehumidifier. High-quality construction and beautiful look are evidence of German quality. The capacity of this portable dehumidifier is 78 liters per day. Besides, it has a working hour counter. CtrlTech industrial dehumidifier Dubai is the exclusive dealer of Aerial.

FSD Series Floor-mounted type.

This kind of unit used for large spaces like helicopter or fighter planes hanger. This unit fitted with a powerful blower. Therefore, it can through dehumidified air to longer distance.

In conclusion, please contact CtrlTech industrial dehumidifier Dubai.