Frigidaire dehumidifier – FD30E & FDD30ZKEWP.

Frigidaire Dehumidifier is among the most well-known brand in the world. Many countless reviews are available about the potency of this Frigidaire Dehumidifier. Some of their models are FD30E, FDD30ZKEWP, FFAD5033R1, & FAD704DWD. All models are very useful for removing bad smell, mold, and fungus.

Frigidaire dehumidifier not designed for basements. But, all models used as basement dehumidifiers. Though not exceptional, these units are great actors across the entire selection. We use it when writing reviews of those appliances.

Frigidaire dehumidifier FD30E.

FD30E model sold by Frigidaire in Middle East countries like UAE, Oman & Qatar. It is an elegant looking unit with a dehumidifying capacity of 30 liters per day. This model fitted with all available features in the industry. Lightweight & wheels make this unit very portable.

The Control panel has an LCD that shows room humidity. Users allowed to set the desired humidity level. Also, they can set automatic on/off timer. Two fan speeds; high & low offered. A 6.5-liter water tank reduces frequency water removal. Besides, you can connect the hose pipe for a continuous drain. Due to all these reasons, FD30E dehumidifier always grabs excellent dehumidifier reviews.

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Specifications of FD30E frigidaire dehumidifier

  • Users can set the required humidity.·
  • The extraction capacity is 30 liter per day. Hence, it can cover a large area.
  • Input voltage 220-240 Volt/ 50 Hz.
  • Power consumption is 600 watts.
  • The user can set two fan speeds; high & low.
  • This unit has an automatic defrost. So, it is very efficient in performance.
  • LCD on the control panel. So, it can display room temperature.
  • It has a built-in drain bucket and Bucket full sign.
  • Auto on/off timer.· 5°C°32°C Operating Temperature.
  • It is a combination of a dehumidifier, air purifier & laundry dryer. As a result, it saves money. On top of it, it has a reasonable dehumidifier price.

Frigidaire Dehumidifier FDD30ZKEWP

Frigidaire dehumidifier Dubai is very popular. Moisture removing capacity of this model is around 30 liter. But, it has a smaller tank than that of the FD30E model.

Tank capacity is only three-liter but with a transparent window to check the level. If the tank gets full, then the unit will stop working.

Features of FDD30ZKEWP

Frigidaire dehumidifier FDD30ZKEWP can run in two modes. First, it can run on normal dehumidification mode. This feature uses when you use to reduce humidity at home.

Another mode is the dry or continuous mode. A continuous mode used for drying purposes. For example, it can use for laundry drying, paint drying, and water damage. Above all, the unit has an auto-restart feature.

This frigidaire dehumidifier can restart itself when power gets restored. The Auto-restart feature is useful if dehumidifier working at unmanned places. For example, sites like holiday homes, telecom shelter.

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Specification of FDD30ZKEWP

Frigidaire dehumidifier FDD30ZKEWP in Dubai, UAE.
  • Moisture removal capacity is 30 liters per day.
  • It has a continuous dehumidifying model. Thus, it can use for laundry drying.
  • Weight is 17.6 kg· Dimension 500 x 386 x 260 mm.
  • Auto-restart facility. Consequently, this unit suitable for remote sites.
  • Voltage 220-240 VAC.
  • Power consumption is 500 watt. Thus, the unit is energy efficient.
  • It has overflow protection. That is to say; the unit will stop working when the tank gets full.
  • Bucket Full LED.

Frigidaire Dehumidifier FAD704DWD

FAD704DWD is one of the best models of Frigidaire dehumidifier. The extraction capacity of this model is around 70 pints per day. This Frigidaire dehumidifier model fad704dwdcan cover about 1300 square feet of area. So, we can use for large living room or hotel reception.

FAD704DWD Frigidaire is available on almost all online shopping portals. Many users have submitted their testimonials currently there. Some disappointed with the product and some are happy with it. Thus, it can help you to make your decision.

Features of FAD704DWD

Dehumidifier FAD704DWD could be a fantastic selection for you. The machine has all the features that many users need. So, it will work best in your home to comfy room temperature.

It is one of the best sellers of Frigidaire dehumidifiers. There’s no particular Place where the Frigidaire FAD704DWD excels. But, it’s a fantastic all-round performer with an established track record.

It is well worth considering this model if you’re replacing your present home dehumidifier. Or you are buying these appliances for the first time.

Frigidaire dehumidifier FFAD5033R1

FFAD5033R1 Frigidaire has an extraction capacity of 23 liters per day. It is a medium-capacity version. FFAD5033R1 is the most recent selection of dehumidifiers from the Frigidaire range.

This model is not as popular as a 70-pint model. Yet, its sales figures show that there is a section of consumer prefer this model. Also, FFAD5033R1 frigidaire kept its price very attractive.

Why buy Frigidaire dehumidifier?

Many consumer reports have shown great faith and satisfaction in this Frigidaire dehumidifier. This unit has unbeatable effectiveness. On the top, it is easy on the eye and has a compact size.

Its silent operation acts and cherry on the cake. Hence, it is suitable for the bedroom of your babies also. It is effective and has excellent features. Hence, we fill secure and delighted to suggest this model.

Features of FFAD5033R1

It is an energy-efficient unit. Thus, it carries the Energy Star rating. This Frigidaire FFAD5033R1 dehumidifier model can cover 800 square feet area. It recommended for home, basement, and offices affected by excessive moisture.

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Best Dehumidifier in Abu Dhabi

We will help you know how to buy a dehumidifier in Abu Dhabi and who is the right dehumidifier supplier in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi city located on ‘T’ shaped island, which extended into the Persian Gulf. It starts from the central western coast. The climate of Abu Dhabi is generally hot and dry.

Most of the year there is high humidity due to proximity to the sea coast. Hence, this high humidity enters home along with fresh air. The source of fresh air is through air conditioner or via door and window. Hence, it would help if you had dehumidifier manufacture in Abu Dhabi.

Why you need a dehumidifier Abu Dhabi?

A high humid environment is not suitable for health. Thus, everyone tries to install a dehumidifier in Abu Dhabi for their homes and offices. A dehumidifier helps to make the environment comfortable. How to know if you need a dehumidifier? Actually it is simple, check for symptoms at home.

  • High humidity causes the floor wet in the morning.
  • You will notice a bad smell from the carpet and cloths.
  •  AC grilles and the window glass will have condensation.

If you observe the above symptoms, then you need to reduce the humidity level in your house. Moreover, an air purifier will ensure fresh air.

How we help you to Find the Right Dehumidifier in Abu Dhabi?

Congratulation, if you founded that you need dehumidifiers or not. After that, it is time to find the right dehumidifier supplier in Abu Dhabi. Also, we need to understand what kind of unit we need.

For industry & warehouse find a supplier of an industrial dehumidifier in Abu Dhabi. There are few very good manufacturers of industrial dehumidifiers in UAE. In this article, we will discuss the dehumidification unit for home.

Dehumidifier supplier in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Dehumidifier features.

When buying a home dehumidifier, make sure that the unit has some important features. First and for most, it should be a portable dehumidifier with handle and wheels. It helps to move the unit from one room to another.

The unit should have a built-in condensate tank. Also, it should have a facility to connect the hose pipe. A dehumidifier system should have a sensor that will detect when the tank is full and shut down the unit. If the unit does not have this feature then condensate water can spill over.

Dehumidifier online in Abu Dhabi.

All your online searches will land you up to CtrlTech dehumidifier Abu Dhabi. If buying dehumidifier online from then ensure that listing has detailed specs. Dubizzle, Sharaf DG & Carrefour are some of the online portals.

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The unit should show current room humidity on its display. Also, it should show set humidity. The machine should have a feature that enables the user to set desired levels of humidity. The system should switch off itself when room humidity level to set level. Hence, it will save energy.

Why we are the Best Dehumidifier Supplier in Abu Dhabi?

You can find many suppliers for a dehumidifier. Challenge is to find a good one that offers you the right dehumidifier price and good service. You also can buy dehumidifiers online from portals. But, please get clarity about service after-sales.

While finalizing companies please make sure that those have good experience in UAE. Most of all, they have service centers in the UAE. Many times we end up buying multinational brands and then struggle hard for service. You can search supplier in google with the following keywords:

  • Dehumidifier Abu Dhabi
  • Buy dehumidifier
  • CtrlTech dehumidifier
  • Dehumidifier carrefour
  • Search “dehumidifier Dubizzle”
  • type “dehumidifier Sharaf DG”

In short, you can find out several sources. But it is important to select the right one.

CtrlTech Dehumidifier Abu Dhabi.

Dehumidifier manufacturer in Abu Dhabi.

CtrlTech is a well-known dehumidifier brand in the Middle East. They offer a wide range of dehumidifiers in Sharjah. CtrlTech is the oldest supplier in the region. Their products include home, mini, small, portable, industrial dehumidifiers. They offer these units have very reasonable prices.

Dehumidifier Abu Dhabi Price.

Prices of dehumidifier vary from AED 700 to 1800 for a unit of 25 liters per day. It recommended buying a good quality unit. These unit consisting of a compressor which can damage. Check the prices of the dehumidifier online and make a decision. In particular, consider not only price but also warranty, and features.

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Dehumidifier online.

There are three major brands available of dehumidifier in Abu Dhabi. These brands are Bry-Air, CtrlTech, and Munters. These are some of the prime reputed. They are supplying in the middle east for a long time. These brands known for their quality products. In conclusion, always choose the right brand.

CD-25L Portable dehumidifier review.

Name of Product: Dehumidifier

Dehumidifier in Abu Dhabi, UAE.


Model: CD-25L.

Brand Name: CtrlTech Dehumidifiers.

Price: AED 1350.00

Availability: In Stock.

Item condition: New

Product ID: CD0025UAE-010116-1350-W715

Rating: 4.5Votes: 95

Description: CD-25L portable dehumidifier has designed for home and office applications. Dehumidifier looks elegant with its high-quality plastic body. Thus, it preferred in hotel rooms. This mini dehumidifier equipped with a condensate tank of 5 liters. Also, it has a facility to connect the hose pipe for continuous drainage. Unit and condensate tank provided with a handle. The system supported by four wheels. In other words, the system is portable.

The Control panel of this unit has a sign of power on & tank full. The user can set two fan speeds. Defrost LED glows when the unit switches to defrosting mode. Hence, it avoids ice forming on coils. CD-25L can set with two fan speeds; high and low. When condensate tank full, the “tank full” LED will become red. Most importantly, and the unit will stop operating.

To know more, please read dehumidifier on Wikipedia. To buy please contact CtrlTech dehumidifier Abu Dhabi at +971 50 1537113 or +971 6 5489626 .

Dehumidifier in Dubai for home and offices.

CtrlTech offers wide range of quality dehumidifiers. CD-25L is the best dehumidifier in Dubai sold by CtrlTech. This model is ideal to use in home, offices, hotels, due to its silent operation. With growing heat in the UAE, everyone is facing an issue of high humidity at their homes.

If we take care of high humidity problem then we will be in a better position to avoid most of the common health issues. Hence, dehumidifiers can help to reduce humidity to make homes pleasant. We are the best supplier of dehumidifier Dubai carrefour

Check the video to know more about Dehumidifier in Dubai

CD-25L dehumidifier Dubai.

CD-25L portable dehumidifier in UAE has an extraction capacity of 25 liters per day. This best dehumidifier designed for home and office applications with low operation noise. External casing made up of plastic with a glowing white color which makes it very elegant. Portability has taken care not only for the unit but also for condensate tanks.

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Features of CD-25L Dehumidifier in Dubai.

Four-wheel at bottom and handle at the top provided for easy movement. The condensate tank is accessible from the front side. It has a transparent window to check the water level. Condensate tank provided with a handle which makes it easy to carry it up to the nearest basin and empty it.

During the high humid conditions, one might need to empty this tank many times. However, this mini dehumidifier provided with a hose pipe connection point. CD-25L is the best unit of CtrlTech dehumidifier Dubai.

Tank provided with notches for proper removal of the tank. This portable dehumidifier has air suction from the backside. Thereafter, Dry air gets discharge from the top. Air suction equipped with a washable filter. Beautiful notch provided at the backside to wind electric cable when unit not in use. Most of the dehumidifier in Dubai do not comply with local guidelines. But, CD-25L is an exception to it.

CD-25L dehumidifier Dubai price

Operation of CD-25L dehumidifier.

To start this unit, plug unit to the electric supply. The unit provided with a 1.5-meter long electric cable with the socket. Once power on, the “power on” LED will glow to show the availability of power. Press the “Power On” power button to start the unit. Further, in the next step, the user should set the required humidity level. For any support, please contact CtrlTech Dehumidifier Dubai.

For home application, 50 to 60% RH is an ideal level. To set required humidity press down and up arrow button below the LCD display. One humidity increased or decreased to the required value, Then press set button.

CD-25L unit has built-in hygrostat. Hence, during normal operation, the LCD will always show the room humidity level. And when room humidity reduces to set humidity level then the best dehumidifier will go in sleep mode. So, it helps to save power.

Control panel of CD-25L Dehumidifier.

The Control panel has a power on button and LCD display. This unit can set on two fan speed settings “high” and “low”. When you like to run a dehumidifier for a long time then better to run dehumidifier Dubai at low speed. For example, during the night you can run a dehumidifier in low-speed mode. If you like to achieve lower humidity in a short time then run a dehumidifier in “high” speed.

CD-25L Dehumidifier supplier in Dubai control panel.

Dry air discharge is from the top side of the unit which if need directed with help of flap. Delay timer provided for automatic turn on/off. Users can set the required delay time in a count of hours to turn on or turn off the unit. The unit has an automatic operation. In other words, it will turn on or off itself when room humidity increase on reduced than a set value.

CtrlTech dehumidifier Dubai has taken efforts to make control panel more user friendly. Lightweight and aesthetic look make it a suitable yacht dehumidifier.

CD-25L dehumidifier Dubai price.

let’s focus on an important part which is most of the people concerned. And it is nothing but CD-25L room dehumidifier price in Dubai. You must have impressed with the features of CD-25L. But to avail of these features if you need to pay the high amount then definitely your interest will reduce.

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Hence, CtrlTech dehumidifier Dubai has priced it attractive so that should affordable. It is right to value considering features incorporated in this portable commercial dehumidifier. If you compare it with other units, then you will feel that it is a win-win deal for every buyer. Please read our other blogs regarding dehumidifiers in Dubai.

CtrlTech; The best dehumidifier supplier in Dubai.

CtrlTech offering a dehumidification solution to its vast client base. They also have dealers in African countries for more than a decade. Their product development team takes feedback from the field team and customers. After that, they improve the product based on this feedback. Hence, their products are more reliable.

Ctrltech dehumidifier Dubai knows as undisputed leaders in their field. Their reach covers Dubai, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar & Saudi Arabia. On a regular basis, CtrlTech announces the dehumidifier Sale. They offer the following solutions:

Portable dehumidifiers Dubai.

CtrlTech offers about 9 models which are portable industrial dehumidifier in Dubai . CD series, CDM series is the most use of commercial dehumidifiers. CtrlTech offers the right dehumidifier calculation depending on the data provided.

Dehumidifier for Indoor pool room.

The indoor swimming pool room always faces the problem of high humidity. CtrlTech has a wide range of indoor pool dehumidifiers for pool room humidity control.

Commercial pool dehumidification system.

CtrlTech offers a dehumidification solution for small residential pools. They also provide a solution for commercial pools. For example, sports swimming pools in hotels, clubs, and stadiums. They can visit your site to do a proper indoor pool dehumidification calculation.

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