FSD-480L greenhouse dehumidifier

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FSD-480L greenhouse dehumidifier helps to reduce humidity and creates a favorable climate for the plants. This greenhouse dehumidification system has a capacity of 480 liters per day. It is suitable for small to commercial size greenhouse. It is a floor mount type system with a filter and high airflow. This system is available for installation in Dubai, Fujairah, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaima, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, and Iraq.


Why need a greenhouse dehumidifier?

Commercial greenhouse dehumidifier.Many corps need low moisture levels. During the day, there is a high surrounding temperature. Hence, the air inside a greenhouse carries more wetness due to evaporation from water supplied to the plants. And, the moisture in the air gets condensed during the nighttime when the temperature drops. A greenhouse dehumidifier can undoubtedly be an excellent solution to control humidity. 

Condensate water creates a conducive climate for mold, fungi, and insects. Thus, it causes damage to the plant and its quality too. Furthermore, it reduces yield due to adverse climate conditions for particular corps. An industrial dehumidifier for the greenhouse is the solution for all these issues. However, we need to select the right greenhouse dehumidification system for the desirable result.

FSD-480L commercial greenhouse dehumidifier.

It is a large capacity unit with a large processing air and dehumidifying capacity. For a commercial size, we need a heavy-duty greenhouse dehumidifier. FSD-480L industrial dehumidification system has a drying capacity of 480 liters per day. Also, it can process about 3600 CMH air. Hence, it is perfect for drying vast widespan, gutter connected poly, and curved glass type facility.

This unit is fitted with a controller on its front panel. Thus, users can operate it with ease. A high-quality internal component makes this a reliable and durable device. Considering its capacity and area coverage, it the best greenhouse dehumidifier that is energy efficient. It has an aluminum wing hydrophilic film condenser and evaporator coil. It increases cooling speed and hence the performance. In a nutshell, FSD-480L is the most effective and economical solution.

Advantage of the dehumidifier.

  • This unit reduces humidity. Thus, it saves the power required for cooling the tent.
  • It eliminates the formation of fungus, mold, and pests. Hence, lower use of pesticides. As a result, the plant is more organic.
  • A greenhouse dehumidifier generates water that is lost due to evaporation. So, it reduces the water bill.
  • It creates a favorable climate for the corp that helps to increase output and enhance quality.
  • In short, it saves cost and lots of work hours.

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