CDM-50L dehumidifier machine

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CDM-50L is a portable dehumidifier machine that is suitable for small size spaces. It is an industrial and commercial grade moisture absorber machine with an internal tank and hosepipe connection. Available in yellow plus back color with an elegant look. It can absorb humidity up to 50 liters per day. CtrlTech offers this dehumidification system at low prices in Dubai, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia.


Dehumidifier machine explained.

CDM-50L commercial dehumidifier machine.A dehumidifier machine is an equipment that absorbs moisture available in the air. As a result of this, it generated dry air. So, when we run it in a closed room, the humidity level in that space reduces. Hence, this dehumidity machine valuable for various industrial and commercial applications that need a dry climate. For example, military establishments need dry rooms to store ammunition. 

Also, these humidity absorber machine is good to use in the manufacturing, shipping, and marine industry. Based on the area of use, there are different types of devices. Thus, there are swimming pools, warehouses, commercial and home types dehumidifier machines. CtrlTech offers dehumidification solutions in UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia for more than the last decade. 

CDM-50L moisture absorber machine.

It is a portable type of moisture eliminator equipment. CDM-50L can remove up to 50 liters of water from the air per day. It has a beautiful yellow, black casing. Also, with four wheels, this industrial dehumidifier machine is straightforward to move. The top-mounted operating panel enables the user to select operating parameters. One can set this system in booster drying mode with a click on a single button.

CDM-50L system can order with a fitted condensate pump. Thus, the unit can be connected to an external drain to avoid emptying of tank frequently. The anti-defrost mechanism gets activated when the ice gets forms on the coils. CDM-50L gets switched off itself when room humidity reduces below the value set by the user. At the same time, it will autostart if the level increases. The tank is accessible from the front side, and the unit will initiate an alarm if it gets full. 

The parameter, once set on the control panel, will remain in the memory. Hence, no need to select it every time you switch on the system. In addition, the CDM-50L commercial dehumidifier can auto restart when power gets restored.

Dehumidifier machines; where it needed?

It required everywhere, but some of the sort after areas are as follows

  • CDM-50L is ideal for small storage like welding electrode storage.
  • A home, office, spas, and hospital requires a dehumidifier machine.
  • For small labs and treatment rooms, CDM-50L is a good choice.
  • To dry shipping containers, CDM-50L is an economical solution.


  • This unit can remove up to 50 liters of moisture at 30 deg Celsius at 80% RH.
  • Airflow this dehumidifier machine is 480 cubic meters per hour.
  • The internal tank capacity is 5.5 liter. Also, it has an external hosepipe connection.
  • It has an adjustable humidistat. Thus, the user can set desired humidity level.
  • It can automatically defrost ice formed on its coil. Hence, it is good to use in cold rooms.
  • The noise level is 52 dB(A) only.
  • It has dimensions of 40 x 37 x 70 cm and a weight of 32 kgs.

Additional information

Weight 32 kg
Dimensions 40 × 37 × 75 cm


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