CDM-90L Commercial dehumidifier

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CDM-90L is a portable commercial dehumidifier with an extraction capacity of 90 liters per day. It has a white and black color combination casing. Also, this commercial dehumidification system has a large tank. Adjustable humidistat enables users to set the desired level. Moreover, it is reliable and durable. Thus, it is an authentic commercial-grade dryer.
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What is a commercial dehumidifier?

CDM-90L commercial grade dehumidifier.A commercial dehumidifier is a dehumidification system with high capacity. In other words, these units are designed to dry vast spaces like large sports complexes, warehouses, indoor pools, etc. A commercial-grade dehumidifier can have a capacity of up to 1200 liters per day. In short, it is a heavy-duty machine. Therefore, depending on the application, we need to choose the right type of unit.

There are two types of dryers. The first one works based on the absorption principle using silica gel desiccant. Hence, it is known as a desiccant dehum. And other works on the condensation method. Thus, it commonly knows as a refrigerant type machine. 

Commercial dehumidifiers are available in portable, ducted, ceiling, or floor mount types. Mobile systems are very common and economical.

CDM-90L commercial dehumidification system.

CDM-90L commercial dehumidifier has an inbuilt tank with a hosepipe connection. It is a portable type system with four wheels and a foldable handle. Hence, it is easy to transport and prefer at construction and manufacturing sites. The tank is accessible from the front side. The unit will make an alarm when this tank gets full and stops working. Thus, it avoids the danger of spilling water. 

This commercial dehumidifier is fitted with a fan with a sealed copper motor with a bussel duct design. From the user panel from this system, one can set desired parameters. We can set Fan speed at low or high. Also, the unit can program for auto turn off or on after a specific dealy. 

Where to use commercial dehumidifiers?

  • The leather and dry fruit industry uses a commercial dehumidifier for drying. 
  • It has a high dehumidifying capacity. Thus, it is used for warehouses. 
  • During sandblasting, humidity can affect colors. Hence, a portable system helps to dry tanks before painting. 
  • For indoor swimming pools, ceiling mount ducted units reduce moisture. 


  • The drying capacity of the CDM-90L is 90 liters per day at 30 degrees Celsius and 80 percent RH.
  • An adjustable humidistat is available. Hence, the user can select the required humidity level.
  • Power requirement: 220-240V, 50Hz, 1ph, & 1260 watt.
  • This commercial dehumidifier can process for 700 CMH air volume.
  • It has a rotary compressor with an R410a refrigerant.
  • The noise level is 52 dB(A).
  • This unit has an automatic defrost system. Thus, suitable to use in low temperatures also.
  • Dimensions: 45.5 x 40.1 x 92.7 cm
  • Weight: 40 kgs.

Additional information

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 45.5 × 40.1 × 92.7 cm


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