Understanding Dehumidifier, its features and Advantages

In these article author trying to convey How, when, why and where about dehumidifier machines.

Understanding and finding dehumidifier supplier in UAE

In days to day life we come across many basic questions. recently I came across a question; what is dehumidifier? I am using dehumidifiers from long time but I was not able to give good answer. You all may have faced same problem. Hence I am writing this article to understand basics about a dehumidifier. We will try to understand What, How and When about dehumidifier. We will also discus about different dehumidifier suppliers from whom we can buy reliable product. Let answering these questions one by One.

What is dehumidifier?

Before getting into this question we should first need to understand what is humidity. In simple language humidity in nothing but percentage of water contain in air at any given point of time. So next question will comer across is from where water contain comes into air? It is simple to understand this that 2/3 of our earth is occupied by water and when sunlight fall on these water surfaces, water get evaporates in form of vapor and get added into air. This water vapor increases percentage of water contained in air and hence humidity.

Dehumidifier is electrical, mechanical or static device or substance which convert or absorbs humidity from air and reduces percentage of water in air

This is simplest possible definition of dehumidification unit.

How Dehumidifiers Works?

There are different types of de-humidifiers available which works on different principles. Most common working principal of dehumidifier working is condensation type. As name suggests, this dehumidifying machine works on condensation principle. Which means it condensate humidity present in air into physical water. These type of unit sucks humid air inside and make these air so cold that humidity available get condensate. Then condensate water drained out and dry air supply back into environment. Other method is using silica gel pockets. Silica gel has normal tendency of absorbing water. When this comes in contact with humid air, it absorbs water from air and hence reduce humidity.

Where I can find dehumidifier suppliers?

Now a days finding supplier is very easy job with help of internet but finding is a good supplier is always is difficult task. When you are putting your hard earned money in buying something then you need to make sure that we are investing with right people and on right product. With respect to dehumidification unit, finding right product and supplier is important because you need better performance and service after sale. In UAE you can contact to Control Technologies who are oldest dehumidifier supplier in UAE. They offer their product in all emirates of UAE and also in Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. You will find all kind of dehumidification unit with them. They supply industrial, commercial, portable, swimming pool, warehouse and cold room dehumidification unit. Some of the their model recommended are as follow:

For Home Application:

For home application they offer their CD series model  which is portable type and  suitable for normal two bedroom flat. It equipped with all standard features.

For Industrial application:

You should try CD-85L, CDM-90L & CDM-50L dehumidification units. It is portable industrial dehumidification systems. Special designed with industrial grade specs.

For Swimming pool application:

For indoor swimming pool you can use portable or wall mount or ceiling mounted type unit. SPD series are ducted type ceiling and wall mounted dehumidifier. Which is most suitable type of unit.

For Warehouse application:

For dehumidification of larger space like warehouse, FSD series unit are best one. FSD series unit has high airflow, high quality sensor, expansion valve, honeycomb type evaporator coil