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Best dehumidifier in Dubai UAE CD-50L

CD-50L Portable dehumidifier.

CD-50L unit is solution for home with large rooms. Small room dehumidifier of capacity 10 to 25 liters per day can not dehumidify large living spaces like large living rooms or bedrooms in villas. In such cases one unit of CD-50L unit can be use in stead of multiple small dehumidifier. CD-50L unit has nice aesthetic look with white and black color combination. This dehumidifier has large condensate water tank of 8.5 liter and it has knob to connect drainage pipe for continuous drainage. Water tank has transparent scale board which shows level of water in tank. Also unit is protection against spillover of tank. Unit will shut down automatically when tank is full. Unit has four roller wheels which make unit to move easily. And left and right side panel provided with groove to pick unit. Front upper panel has dry air outlet with filter inside. This filter can be remove and clean. Unit provided with power cord and winding angles to roll power cord when unit not in use.

Best Dehumidifier supplier dubai uaeOperating panel of CD-50L best dehumidifier.

Lets explore operating panel of CD-50L dehumidifier unit which is control feature rich. Let go by use and each Key and meaning of each LED.


A. “POWER” key: pressing this key once turns the unit on and pressing again turns the unit off.

B. “UP” and “DOWN” Keys: It use to set the target humidity, the value the value will rise or drop 5% by each pressing down. Also it is use to set the target time, the value will rise or drop 1 hour by each pressing down. Do not make any other operations in the following 5 seconds to ensure the setting take effect.

C. “WIND SPEED” key: Used to change the wind speed between high level and low level.

D. “TIMING SHUTDOWN” key: used to start the timing shutdown function. clocked- operation function is yet unavailable.

Lock key program is designed for this unit, pressing keys “UPS” and “DOWN” at the same time for 2 seconds, the digital screen always display “LC” and all keys on panel will be locked. To release the lock you just need repeat previous operation again(pressing keys “UPS” and “DOWN” at the same time for 2 seconds)

Operating panel of portable dehumidifier

LED Indicators:

Operating Indicator: The unit goes standby after energized, within this period the indicator flashing cyclical. After start up this indicator is always on. After shutdown the unit goes on standby again, the indicator flashing as beginning.

CD-50L room dehumidifier back side.Defrost Indicator: Will be open during defrosting, and dark when defrosting stops.

Water Tank full indicator : When the water tank is full, unit will go on standby automatically and beep 5 times, at the same time the indicator begin to flash in high frequency. When it is resolve, the indicator will don’t flash any more, the unit will go on to the original mode.

Wind speed indicator : High speed indicator is on when the wind speed is high; otherwise low speed indicator will be on.

Timing shutdown indicator:  Will begin flashing when the timing shutdown key was pressed; will be always on after the setting takes effect; will go out when the settled time is up or the timing shutdown setting was canceled.

Installation of Dehumidification Unit.

  • Put the unit in proper location: complying with the requirements below can help the unit achieve its best performance.
  • Supply power should be in correspondence with the value on the nameplate. Power outlet need grounded.
  • Take the main cord and plug it properly.
  • Check and make sure that the space before air in/outlet is clear. Free wind flow is the key to optimum performance and energy conservation.
  • If continuous dehumidifying function need to be used for a long period, drainage pipe will be useful. Below are detailed operating procedures:
    – Shut the unit down, cut off the power supply and pull the water tank out.
    – Take out the stopper from the side of dehumidifier.
    – Plug drainage pipe with 14mm in diameter in the hose connector and tie it tense with ligature.
    – Put the plug in its place to block the hose connector, reinstall the water tank properly.
How to operate CD-50L Top rated dehumidifier.

How to Turn On or Off Unit?
Press “ON / OFF” key once while unit is energized, unit begins to work.. Press “ON/ OFF” once again after use, unit will shut down. Let the unit rest for about 3 minutes after turned off, so that residual water on condenser can flow into the tank. Pull out the plug when the unit is off for power saving and safety.

How to use “UP” and “DOWN” Keys?
Humidity settings: Humidity can be set by pressing keys “UP” and “DOWN” within the range of 30% to 80% RH. After start up, the original value is “CO”, press “UP” and “DOWN” to change the value as you want. When this process finishes, waiting for 5S, unit accepts the order and then the actual humidity value appear on the panel. If the humidity has been set under 26% RH, “CO” appears on the panel and the unit will operate continuously.
Also use for wind Speed setting.

How to set Wind speed?
Press the “WIND SPEED” keys to change the wind speed when the unit is switched.

How to set auto turn off or On Timer?
Under running condition, the indicator of “TIMING SHUTDOWN” begins to flash when the key has been pressed, simultaneously the setting-up time will appear on the digital screen. Original value is 00, i.e timing shutdown setting is off. By pressing keys “UP” process finishes, waiting for another 5S, if the indicator of “TIMING SHUTDOWN” is always on. Timing shutdown setting succeeds. Actual humidity in the room will subsequently appear on the panel. E.g. with value settings of “06”, the unit will shut down automatically after 6 hours.