CD-25L Dehumidifier Dubai for home & offices.

CD-25L offered by CtrlTech dehumidifier Dubai. In this article, we will discuss the features of the CD-25L portable dehumidifier. CD-25L is the best dehumidifier in Dubai sold by CtrlTech. This model is ideal to use in home, offices, hotels, due to its silent operation. With growing heat in the UAE, everyone is facing an issue of high humidity at their homes.

If we take care of high humidity problem then we will be in a better position to avoid most of the common health issues. Hence, dehumidifiers can help to reduce humidity to make homes pleasant.

CD-25L dehumidifier Dubai.

CD-25L portable dehumidifier has an extraction capacity of 25 liters per day. This best dehumidifier designed for home and office applications with low operation noise. External casing made up of plastic with a glowing white color which makes it very elegant. Portability has taken care not only for the unit but also for condensate tanks.

Features of CD-25L Dehumidifier in Dubai.

Four-wheel at bottom and handle at the top provided for easy movement. The condensate tank is accessible from the front side. It has a transparent window to check the water level. Condensate tank provided with a handle which makes it easy to carry it up to the nearest basin and empty it.

During the high humid conditions, one might need to empty this tank many times. However, this mini dehumidifier provided with a hose pipe connection point. CD-25L is the best unit of CtrlTech dehumidifier Dubai.

Tank provided with notches for proper removal of the tank. This portable dehumidifier has air suction from the backside. Thereafter, Dry air gets discharge from the top. Air suction equipped with a washable filter. Beautiful notch provided at the backside to wind electric cable when unit not in use. Most of the dehumidifiers in Abu Dhabi do not comply with local guidelines. But, CD-25L is an exception to it.

CD-25L dehumidifier Dubai price

Operation of CD-25L dehumidifier.

To start this unit, plug unit to the electric supply. The unit provided with a 1.5-meter long electric cable with the socket. Once power on, the “power on” LED will glow to show the availability of power. Press the “Power On” power button to start the unit. Further, in the next step, the user should set the required humidity level. For any support, please contact CtrlTech Dehumidifier Dubai.

For home application, 50 to 60% RH is an ideal level. To set required humidity press down and up arrow button below the LCD display. One humidity increased or decreased to the required value, Then press set button.

CD-25L unit has built-in hygrostat. Hence, during normal operation, the LCD will always show the room humidity level. And when room humidity reduces to set humidity level then the best dehumidifier will go in sleep mode. So, it helps to save power.

Control panel of CD-25L Dehumidifier.

The Control panel has a power on button and LCD display. This unit can set on two fan speed settings “high” and “low”. When you like to run a dehumidifier for a long time then better to run dehumidifier Dubai at low speed. For example, during the night you can run a dehumidifier in low-speed mode. If you like to achieve lower humidity in a short time then run a dehumidifier in “high” speed.

CD-25L Dehumidifier supplier in Dubai control panel.

Dry air discharge is from the top side of the unit which if need directed with help of flap. Delay timer provided for automatic turn on/off. Users can set the required delay time in a count of hours to turn on or turn off the unit. The unit has an automatic operation. In other words, it will turn on or off itself when room humidity increase on reduced than a set value.

CtrlTech dehumidifier Dubai has taken efforts to make control panel more user friendly. Lightweight and aesthetic look make it a suitable yacht dehumidifier.

CD-25L dehumidifier Dubai price.

let’s focus on an important part which is most of the people concerned. And it is nothing but CD-25L room dehumidifier price in Dubai. You must have impressed with the features of CD-25L. But to avail of these features if you need to pay the high amount then definitely your interest will reduce.

Hence, CtrlTech dehumidifier Dubai has priced it attractive so that should affordable. It is right to value considering features incorporated in this portable commercial dehumidifier. If you compare it with other units, then you will feel that it is a win-win deal for every buyer. Please read our other blogs regarding dehumidifiers in Dubai.

CtrlTech; The best dehumidifier supplier in Dubai.

CtrlTech offering a dehumidification solution to its vast client base. They also have dealers in African countries for more than a decade. Their product development team takes feedback from the field team and customers. After that, they improve the product based on this feedback. Hence, their products are more reliable.

Ctrltech dehumidifier Dubai knows as undisputed leaders in their field. Their reach covers Dubai, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar & Saudi Arabia. On a regular basis, CtrlTech announces the dehumidifier Sale. They offer the following solutions:

Portable Industrial dehumidifiers.

CtrlTech offers about 9 models which are industrial portable dehumidifier. CD series, CDM series is the most use of commercial dehumidifiers. CtrlTech offers the right dehumidifier calculation depending on the data provided.

Dehumidifier for Indoor pool room.

The indoor swimming pool room always faces the problem of high humidity. CtrlTech has a wide range of indoor pool dehumidifiers for pool room humidity control.

Commercial pool dehumidification system.

CtrlTech offers a dehumidification solution for small residential pools. They also provide a solution for commercial pools. For example, sports swimming pools in hotels, clubs, and stadiums. They can visit your site to do a proper indoor pool dehumidification calculation.

To know more contact CtrlTech Dehumidifier Dubai.

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Dehumidifier Sale in Dubai, UAE.

CtrlTech has announced a dehumidifier sale in Dubai, UAE. They are the most reputed dehumidifier supplier. Alos, CtrlTech offers its products in Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. They offer all kinds of units for the Middle East Market. They offer dehumidification units for almost all types of applications.

Sales are the right time to buy a product. Hence, we should always use this opportunity. Let’s start our journey for hunting dehumidifiers.

Dehumidifier sale near me.

If you search above term in google, you will land up to CtrlTech. Each year CtrlTech declares around 6 to 7 sales. Hence, these are the right times to buy a dehumidifier. Price discount is anywhere from five to 20 percent. Besides, sometimes they announce a trade-in option. To clarify, trade-in will be valid for CtrlTech brands of units only.

It is important to choose the dehumidifying unit which suitable for your use. In this article, we will discuss different types and dehumidifier sales. Also, we will discuss the capacity, kind, and application of each model offered by them.

Home dehumidifier sale.

CtrlTech dehumidifier UAE offers the following type of home units:

Portable mini home dehumidifier.
  • CD-25L Series is the home dehumidifier unit. It has a capacity of 25 liters per day. This floor mount type unit has handle and wheels. The tank capacity is 5.5 liter. Drain hose point provided to connect the hose pipe for continuous condensate drainage.
  • VEDA series dehumidifier has a drying capacity of 16 liters per day. It is tiny as per capacity. Hence, it also mentioned as a mini dehumidifier. This system has a comfort and dry mode of operation. The unit switches off itself when set humidity gets achieved. CtrlTech offers dehumidifier Sale for this model every year.
  • Aerial, Germany manufactures the DS dehumidifier. Ratings of these units are 20 and 40 liter/day. These units have an elegant look with powerful capacity. As a result, this unit use in living spaces, museums, and libraries.
  • Aerial also manufactures the DH Series unit. The specialty of this unit is that it is suitable for industrial and home uses. It has a specification of industrial-grade but the size of a room dehumidifier. The extraction capacity is 30 liter per day. FD30e also another good home unit.

Industrial dehumidifier sale.

CtrlTech industrial dehumidifier Dubai has larges product gamut. Nowadays, most of the industrial process needs dry conditions. Point to note that dry conditions required during production and storage also. CtrlTech recently completed industrial dehumidifier Sale in UAE.

CtrlTech offers the following portable industrial unit.

Industrial dehumidifier sale near me.
  • CD-85L model is an industrial, floor mount, and portable industrial unit. The drying capacity of this unit is 85 liters per day. One of the unique features of this model is its noncorrosive plastic casing. This model has a built-in condensate pump. Also, it has large wheels, handle, LED sign, hygrostat, and humidistat.
  • CDM-90L is also a portable and floor mount type commercial dehumidifier. The unit has a sturdy steel metal sheet body. Hence, it is perfect for construction sites. It has an extraction capacity of 90 liters per day. CtrlTech recently completed the dehumidifier sale for this model. Buy a dehumidifier from CtrlTech to enjoy peace of mind.
  • CDM-50L has a capacity of 50 liters per day. This use for dehumidification in small size industrial rooms. For instance, it used in a control room, pump room, and electrode room.
  • AD 780 produced in Germany. It has a capacity of 78 liters per day. It meets with high German quality.

Warehouse & Swimming Pool Dehumidifier by CtrlTech

CtrlTech offers a particular unit for swimming pool and warehouse applications. The pool dehumidification system is crucial equipment. That is to say, no indoor pool can be without a dehumidifier. High moisture inside an indoor swimming pool can damage the wall and ceiling. Similarly, it can spoil goods stored in the warehouses.

There are several advantages of using a warehouse dehumidifier. Firstly, it avoids the formation of mold and fungus. Secondly, It helps the air conditioners to cool space. Hence, it saves electricity bills. Third and most important, it protects the worker’s health.

SPD indoor pool dehumidifier.

SPD is the swimming pool dehumidification unit. It is a duct type wall-mounted unit. This unit can connect in parallel with supply or return duct. Also, it can fix independently. This model available in capacity of 96, 136, 480, 600 liters per day. SPD dehumidifier Sale generally offered every June.

Other than the indoor pool room, this unit uses in Spa and Jacuzzi. SPD unit is more effective for large pools. For example., the hotel recreation pool and Olympic size game pool. This model is very easy to install. It supplied with an LCD controller from which we can control the unit. In short, SPD is the most suitable indoor pool dehumidifier.

FSD Series warehouse dehumidifier.

FSD model designed for the dehumidification of big spaces. As an example, warehouse, theater, marriage hall, and Ramadan tents. These units have high airflow and large capacity. Therefore, it can serve big spaces. It is a floor mount type unit.

Unit built with a high-quality compressor. Compressor filled with environment R410 gas. The expansion valve increases the efficiency of the system. G4 filter at the inlet ensures the cleaning of the air. Also, these units can use as a swimming pool dehumidifier.

In conclusion, CtrlTech is a single-window drying solution provider. Contact CtrlTech for any sizing, the capacity calculation, or decide the type of unit. Keep checking their website for all dehumidifier Sale.