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Small Dehumidifier or Mini dehumidifier; benefits & types.

In this article we are going to understand how to select these small dehumidifier, what are types of these mini dehumidifiers and what are its benefits.

Small dehumidifier make much sense when it comes to reduce humidity at small spaces of house. Many times at our homes we found high humidity at small places instead of whole house. These places area like bathrooms, cupboards, area below wash basin, small store rooms etc. Buying portable dehumidifier for such application will be waste of money. It is often observed that we get bad smell from cupboard because of wetness in cloths which cause due to high humidity. Now putting 20 to 25 liter big dehumidifier in cupboard in not practical affair. Hence there is need of some small portable dehumidifier.  These small room dehumidifier are effective to counter moderate humidity levels. In this article we are going to understand how to select these mini dehumidifier, what are types of these small dehumidifiers and its benefits.

Why you need small room dehumidifier?

Need of small dehumidifier is primarily due to space restriction. There are many examples as mentioned before we can not but high capacity portable demystification unit. For example in RV has small spaces in it. Each equipment in RVs selected and installed considering its physical size and its weight. RV prefers equipment with low physical size and low weight. Considering room size of RVs 20 to 25 liter dehumidifier will be more than access capacity than required at the same time it will not fit in criteria of size and weight required. Hence there are special small dehumidifier for RV has been developed. Small rooms and bathroom on holiday cruises which has always high humidity due to proximity to sea required small portable dehumidifiers.

Types of Small Portable dehumidifier.

There are basically three types of mini dehumidifiers; non rechargeable, chargeable and electric small dehumidifiers.

silica gel bagsNon Rechargeable Small dehumidification unit: These are basically silica bags which use to reduce humidifier. Bags contains silica gel which is granular and porous, a form of silicon dioxide and synthetically made from sodium silicate. Silica gel has desiccant property which means it can absorb moisture from air. Due to it’s this quality, it is use to reduce humidity. But once silica gel bags absorbs humidity it can not be reuse technically. However many reuse these bag by drying in sunlight.

rechargeable dehumidifierRechargeable small dehumidifier: These unit also consists of silica gel but packed in attractive plastic container with facility to heat silica gel to remove humidity absorbed by silica gel granule from air. It is also called as wireless dehumidifier since while use it need not to connect to electric supply. Once dehumidifier absorb humidity from air to its full capacity then its shows red indication indicating that silica gel in it has no more capacity to absorb more moisture hence it need to dry. To dry silica gel, these unit connected to electric supply which generate heat and evaporated moisture from silica gel and make it reusable.

Electric Dehumidifier small or Peltier dehumidifier: This small dehumidifier need to connect continuously to electric supply for dehumidification. However power consumption of this unit is negligible. Some of unit can even run on batteries.  Due to its working principle it also call as peltier dehumidifier or Thermo-electric dehumidifier. It consists of peltier module which is sandwiched between two heat sinks. When electricity passes through this module it create temperature difference on both sinks. When humid air passes over cold heat sinks then condensation happens and humidity get removed. This is best small dehumidifier.

Advantages of Small Dehumidifier.

Few advantages of Small dehumidifier area as follow:

  1. Compact Size: Small portable dehumidifiers are very compact in size hence it is suitable to place in crawl spaces. Due to its compact size it can incorporate in RVs and boat. These are best boat dehumidifier.
  2. Light weight: Small dehumidifier does not contains compressor or desiccant wheels. It is very light in weight.
  3. Electricity consumption: Small room crawl space dehumidifier consumes very negligible electric power as compared to refrigerant dehumidifier.
  4. Low cost: Small bathroom dehumidifiers are very affordable. It has much low cost than refrigerant dehumidifier.

For more information on small dehumidifier, please contact us.

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Featured product of CtrlTech Dehumidifiers:

Name of product: Industrial dehumidifier

Image: Industrial dehumidifier CD-85L.

Model: CD-85L

Brand Name: CtrlTech Dehumidifiers.

Price: USD 2900.00

Availability: In Stock.

Item condition: New

Product ID: CD0085UAE-010116-790-W715

Rating: 4.0

Votes: 201,167

Description: CD-85L is industrial dehumidifier having extracting capacity of 85 liters per day. This commercial dehumidifier has built in hygrometer and humidistat. Strong wheel and push handle provided to this unit which makes it industrial portable dehumidifier. Unit has built in dehumidifier pump to push condensate. Intake of humid air from front side and discharge is from back side. CtrlTech also offer small dehumidifier for home and offices.



Buying Dehumidifier in Abu Dhabi; Tips for dehumidifier.

This article will help you to find right price and right supplier of dehumidifier in Abu Dhabi. It also which features you should look for while buying dehumidifier.

This article will help you know how to buy a dehumidifier in Abu Dhabi city is the and why you need dehumidifier unit in city. Abu Dhabi city is located on T-shaped island which which extended into Persian Gulf starting from central western coast. Climate of Abu Dhabi is generally hot and dry. Most of the year there is high humidity due to proximity to sea coast. Obviously this high humidity comes to your home along with fresh air that your air conditioner is taking or when you open your door and window. Since high humid environment is not good for health of us, everyone try to install dehumidifier in their homes and offices to make environment comfortable. If you are confuse if you need dehumidifier or not then check for few symptoms at home. If your home floor is wet at morning, if you are getting bad smell from carpet and cloths, if you find condensation at AC grilles and window glass then most probably you need to reduce humidity level in your house.

Dehumidifier Abu Dhabi: Finding Right product.

Once you decided that you need a dehumidifier for your home then it is time to find right dehumidifier supplier in Abu Dhabi. Also we need to understand what kind of unit we need. If you want to reduce humidity at your warehouse or industry then your should find supplier for industrial dehumidifier in UAE. There are few very good industrial dehumidifiers manufacturers in UAE. In this article we will specifically discuss dehumidification unit for home. When buying home dehumidification unit we need to consider that unit should have some important features. First and far most it should be portable dehumidifier with handle and wheels so that it should be easy to move unit from one room to other. Unit should have built in condensate tank and also it should have facility to connect hose pipe. Unit should have sensor which will detect when tank is full and shut down unit automatically. If unit do not have this feature then condensate water can spill over. If you are buying dehumidifier from Souq, Dubizzle, Sharaf DG or carrefour then please make sure that listing is mentioned with details specifications. Unit should show current room humidity continuously on its display. Also it should show set humidity. Unit should have feature which enable user to choose and set desired level of humidity. Unit should be switch off automatically when dehumidifier reduces humidity level to set level.

Dehumidifier Supplier in Abu Dhabi.

You can find many dehumidifier supplier in UAE. Challenge is to find good one which offer you right dehumidifier price and good service. You also can buy dehumidifier online from many online but please get clarity about service after sales. While finalizing dehumidifier companies please make sure that those companies have good years of experience in UAE and they have service center in UAE. Many time we end up buying multinational brands and then struggle very hard for servicing of unit. Do searches in google with keywords “dehumidifier Dubai price”, “buy dehumidifier dubai”, “dehumidifier carrefour”, “dehumidifier dubizzle”, “dehumidifier sharaf dg” or “portable dehumidifier dubai” to get list of different dehumidifier suppliers.

CtrlTech Dehumidifier UAE.

Dehumidifier supplier in UAE, Dubai.CtrlTech is well know dehumidifier brand in Middle East. They offer your wide range of dehumidifier in Dubai. They are oldest dehumidifier supplier in Dubai. They offer small home dehumidifier, mini or small portable dehumidifier, industrial dehumidifier and swimming pool dehumidifier. They offer this units have very reasonable prices.

Dehumidifier Dubai Price.

Price of dehumidifier in Dubai is varies from 700 to 1800 for a unit of capacity 25 liters per day. We suggest you to buy good quality of unit since these unit consisting of compressor which can damage if it is of bad quality. Check prices of dehumidifier online with all supplier and make your decision considering not only price as factor but also quality, warranty and features.

Dehumidifier Souq (Market).

Dehumidifier souq in UAE is comprise of three major brands. These brands are Bry-Air, CtrlTech and Munters. These are some of the prime reputed dehumidifier supplier in UAE. These supplier in middle east market from long time and know for their quality products.

CD-25L Portable dehumidifier Dubai.

Name of Product: Dehumidifier

Image: CD-25L Dehumidifier Abu Dhabi

Model: CD-25L

Brand Name: CtrlTech Dehumidifiers.

Price: AED 1350.00

Availability: In Stock.

Item condition: New

Product ID: CD0025UAE-010116-1350-W715

Rating: 4.5

Votes: 95

Description: CD-25L portable dehumidifier has been designed for home and office applications. Dehumidifier look elegant with its high quality plastic body. This mini dehumidifier equipped with condensate tank of 5 liters along with facility to connect hose pipe for continuous drainage. Unit and condensate tank provided with handle. Unit supported by four wheels which make unit easy to move from one room to other. Control panel of this unit has indication of power on, Condensate tank full, fan speed and defrost. Unit can set with two fan speeds; high and low. When condensate tank fully fill with water, condensate tank full LED will become red and unit will stop operating. User can set required humidity from control panel. To buy this room dehumidifier in Abu Dhabi, please contact CtrlTech.

Portable Dehumidifier Dubai CD-25L for home & offices.

In this article we are going to discuss about features of CD-25L portable dehumidifier offered by CtrlTech in Dubai, UAE. CD-25L is best selling model of CtrlTech dehumidifier Dubai. This model is ideal to use in home, offices, hotels etc due to its silent operation. With growing heat in UAE, everyone is facing issue of high humidity at their homes. If we take care of high humidity problem then we will be in better position to avoid most of common health issues and allergic issues. Dehumidifier helps you to reduce humidity from air and make our home pleasant and comfortable.

CD-25L Portable dehumidifier.

CD-25L portable dehumidifier has extraction capacity of 25 liters per day. This dehumidifier is specially designed for home and office application with low operation noise. External casing is made up  of plastic with glowing white color which make it very elegant. Portability has been taken care not only for unit but also for condensate tank. Four wheel at bottom and handle at top is provided for easy movement. Condensate tank is accessible from front which is with transparent window to check level of condensate in tank. Condensate tank is provided with handle which make easy to carry it up to nearest basin and empty it. However if you want to avoid repeated job of emptying tank every day, unit is provided with hose pipe connection point. Tank are provided with notches to remove it properly. This portable dehumidifier has air suction from back side and air discharge from top. Air suction is equipped with washable filter. Beautiful notch provided at backside to wind electric cable when unit not in use.

Operation of CD-25L dehumidifier.

To start this unit, plug unit to electric supply. Unit is provided with 1.5 meter long electric cable with socket. Once power on, unit will show availability of power with “power on” LED on  its control panel. Press power button to start unit. Next step is that user should set required humidity level. For home application 50 to 60% RH is ideal level. To set CD-25L portable dehumidifier control panelrequired humidity press down and up arrow button below LCD displace to adjust required humidity. Then press set button to set it. During normal operation LCD display will always shows room humidity level with help of built in hygrostat. And when room humidity reduces to set humidity level then dehumidifier will go in sleep mode to save power. This is possible with help of humidistat which make operation of this dehumidifier totally automatic. This unit has two fan speed settings “high” and “low”. When you like to run dehumidifier for long time then better to run dehumidifier in low speed. For example during night you can run dehumidifier in low speed mode. If you like to achieved lower humidity quickly then run dehumidifier in “high” speed mode. Dry air discharge is from top side of unit which can be directed with help of flap. Delay timer is provided for automatic turn on/off. User can sent required delay time in hour to automatically turn of or turn off unit after set hour.

CD-25L dehumidifier Dubai price.

let’s focus on important part which is most of people are concern and that is  CD-25L dehumidifier price. You must have impressed with rosy features of CD-25L. But to avail these features if you need to pay high amount then definitely your interest will reduce. Hence CtrlTech dehumidifier Dubai has priced CD-25L dehumidifier so that it can be easily affordable to commons. If you consider features incorporated in this portable commercial dehumidifier, and if you compare it with cost of unit then you will surely feel that it is win-win deal for every buyer.

About CtrlTech; A Reliable Dehumidifier Supplier.

CtrlTech offering dehumidification solution to their vast client base all across middle eastern and African countries from more than last one decades. Continuous product development based on actual dehumidifier working feedback from various site, make their unit more reliable. Approaching every high humidity problematic site with unique way and offering cost effective efficient solution is core strength of CtrlTech Team. They are undisputed leader in field of dehumidification solution in Middle East. They offer following solutions:

Portable Industrial dehumidifiers:

CtrlTech offers about 7 models which are industrial portable dehumidifier. CD series, CDM series are most commonly use commercial dehumidifier. CtrlTech offers right dehumidifier calculation depending on data provided by client.

Dehumidifier for Indoor pool room

Indoor swimming pool room always face problem of high humidity. CtrlTech has wide range of indoor pool dehumidifier for pool room humidity control.

Commercial pool dehumidification system.

In addition to dehumidification solution for small pools in residential segment, CtrlTech design and offer large dehumidifier for commercial pools and sports swimming pools in hotels, clubs and stadiums. On your request they can visit site to do proper indoor pool dehumidification calculation.

To know more contact CtrlTech Dehumidifier Dubai.