How to buy dehumidifier based on dehumidification principle

Article trying to explain reader about different types of dehumidifiers based on working principle. And how to buy dehumidifier suitable to your application.

Buy dehumidifier rightly.

Dehumidifier supplier in Dubai can offer you dehumidifiers which is available with them without enquiring about your application. You need to buy dehumidifier whose working principle most suitable for dehumidification when it used for your application. For example if you want dehumidifier for your cold room storage then you should not buy condensation based dehumidification unit. Or if you want to do humidity control in your indoor swimming pool then you should not waste your money by paying high cost for desiccant dehumidifier since issue can be solve with economical refrigerant based dehumidifier. This article will explain you basic of different type of dehumidification principle and when these dehumidifier should use. Continue reading “How to buy dehumidifier based on dehumidification principle”

Petlier Dehumidifier reviews (Mini Dehumidifier)

In this article we will review mini dehumidifier which is based on petlier effect and which often call as petlier small dehumidifier or thermo-electric dehumidifier. This dehumidifier is first choice of many first time dehumidifier buyer due to its attractive price. And is useful too but for small spaces. Many petlier effect based unit are amongst top ten dehumidifiers in dehumidifier reviews 2015.  We will compare this dehumidification unit with traditional compressor based dehumidifier working on condensation principle. Let’s start petlier dehumidifier reviews

Working principle of Petlier mini dehumidifier.

As mentioned before unit works on petlier effect which is nothing but creation of temperature difference when voltage applied to two different type of metal joined to each other. It mean when two different mental joined to each other and electric voltage applied then one metal become hot and other become cold and temperature difference crated. In this process also called as thermos electric effect since it relates temperature with electricity. A petlier mini dehumidifier consists of following parts:

1) Two heat sink made up of different material. It call cold side heat sink and hot side heat sink.

2) A petlier module which sandwiched between two heat sink to apply voltage.

3) A Fan which pull humid air and push dry air.

4) Electric circuitry, switches and casing.

How this small dehumidifier works?

When you start this dehumidifier, fan pulls humid air into unit and this air first encountered by cold heat sink where dehumidification take place. Moisture present in humid air is condensate into water. This process is very similar to that of condensation process with help of cold evaporator coil in compressor based dehumidifier. Please note that cold heat sink of this small dehumidifier is designed with smooth surface and grooved properly so that condensate water easily falls into tank placed below cold heat sink. After condensation entered humid air converted into dry air which again passed over hot heat sink and put outside.

Advantages and disadvantages this top rated dehumidifier.


Low Price: Price of this mini dehumidifier is much less than tradition compressor based dehumidifier. But if you are going to buy this dehumidifier for large room they your money going to be total waste.

Quite Operation: This unit do not contain any noise making or rotating part hence operation of this unit is very silent. But due to its low price quality of fan used in it will make noise over period of time.

Low Power consumption: Power consumption is extremely less. Unit runs of DC voltage. Overage power consumption if only 22 to 50 watts only.


Low Dehumidification Power: Extraction capacity of this dehumidification unit is between 0.5 to 1.25 pint per day only which is very less. hence this dehumidifier is suitable for small spaces like bathroom, cupboards etc. If you like to buy this dehumidifier for your bedroom or living hall then you will definitely get disappointed.

Quality & Reliability: If you consider working principle of design of product it is more reliable product but if you consider quality of parts like fan, heat sink and switched it is mot unreliable unit.

Low Dehumidifier speed: Since this unit equipped with small fan (which generally used in computer), intake air itself is very less (actually it is negligible). Due to this dehumidification speed is very less. And this mini dehumidifier is not at all suitable for large rooms.

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Factor effecting dehumidifier for indoor pool rooms capacity.

Calculating right size of dehumidifier for swimming pool needs expertise. Also selecting right type of indoor pool room dehumidifier also important. In this article we will discuss factors affecting swimming pool dehumidifier calculation. We need to note here that if pool dehumidification unit for indoor pool is sized more than capacity what it is needed then not only it will increase initial equipment cost but also it will increase recurring operating cost. And if indoor pool dehumidifier sizing done on lower side then unit will not give you desired performance. Hence dehumidifier for indoor pool rooms needs to be size perfectly considering various factors which we are going to discus in this article.

Why Dehumidifier for swimming pool needed?

This is very common question which has been answered many time in this blog. Precisely only indoor pools needs humidity control. In indoor swimming pool large water surface is exposed to indoor air. When air passed over this water, humidity level of air increase. Also due to this large water surface, evaporation takes place which increase humidity level in room. Hence pool room humidity control equipment needed. High humidity in pool area causes lots of issued to you and your property. Recently I visited a indoor pool in private villa Jumeirah area of Dubai. As soon as I entered pool room, bad smell told me that indoor pool dehumidification systems not installed there. Owner spec huge money to decorate ceiling and wall but due to high humidity there were yellow spot on ceiling and wall. Plaster of wall was pilling over. legs of metal chair which were placed in that indoor pool room was rusted. These were symptoms of absence of indoor swimming pool humidity control arrangement. More than damage to our infrastructure, we should more concern about damage to our health due to high humidity. And effect of high humidity on our health will not that much noticeable but yet it is there. If spore of fungus and mold which develops due to high humidity enters into your respiratory system then it can cause serious deceases. You will exposed to many types of allergies.

Factor affecting Pool dehumidification System capacity.

You can find online many indoor pool dehumidification calculator but with these you can not size dehumidification unit correctly since each indoor pool site always unique and  which need different approach all together. However if you like to calculate size roughly them you need to consider major factor that affecting swimming pool dehumidification calculation. Lest see these factors one by one:

  1. Indoor swimming pool size: Humidity added by pool into air is directly proportional to surface area of indoor pool. If pool surface area is more then rate of evaporation will be more and you need higher capacity of indoor pool dehumidifier system.
  2. Pool water temperature: If swimming pool water is hot then evaporation will take place at high rate and humidity level in indoor pool room will increase. Humidity level in indoor pool room and hence capacity of dehumidification unit is directly proportional to temperature of swimming pool water.
  3. Room Temperature: Dehumidification at lower temperature need high capacity dehumidifier. Also if room is too cold and swimming pool water is too hot then evaporation of water will be more hence you need higher capacity dehumidifier.
  4. Activity factor: It is maximum number of occupant in pool at any given time. If number of occupant is room then humidity generated by their body will contribute in humidity level of room. Depending on type of pool like private pool, hotel pool, sport complex pool or therapy pool activity factor will change.

SPD indoor pool dehumidification systems

Indoor pool dehumidification calculatorCtrlTech offers SPD series special dehumidifier for indoor swimming pool application. SPD series dehumidifier are ducted type unit. It has inlet and outlet duct. This unit can be wall mounted or ceiling suspended. This unit provided with LCD controller with which user can select required humidity level. Unit can be connected independently or it can be connected with AC duct. It can be connect in parallel with supply or return duct with damper at input. This unit also can be use to add dehumidified fresh air from outside. This unit is easy to install. It can be installed with simple three steps. First mount unit either wall mount or ceiling mount. connect 230V single phase power supply which is available at every place. Power consumption is very less. connect drainage point to drain connection. During dehumidification, unit will convert humidity from air into water which will be drained out through this point. Third connect controller to unit with help of special socket provided. From this controller user can set required humidity level. Unit has fully automatic function. Dehumidifier will run continuously till set humidity get achieved. Once room humidity equals to set humidity, dehumidifier will switch off compressor to save power. If humidity level again increases then again dehumidifier will start automatically. To know more about dehumidifier for swimming pool or pool dehumidification unit then please contact us.